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When Employees Can See the Benefit, They Want to Use Staff Tracking Software

Often the general public looks down on the idea of tracking people which they regard as always being a negative thing. But what if there are actual benefits for the people being tracked? Recently there has been a bit of debate over the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe tracing app, with many people saying it’s a terrible intrusion while other people are happy to download the app as they can see the potential public health benefits.

Could there possibly be other circumstances where the tracking of people may be considered desirable by the people being tracked?

Staff tracking software is widely used in some industries such as security and cleaning as a way of providing undisputable proof of service. There are many other benefits for using this software, particularly if the system allows for some level of flexibility and scope.

Electronic or digital employee tracking systems work by recording every time a device (for example, a mobile phone with the employee tracking app installed), interacts with beacons that have been placed around the employee’s worksite. This information can then be uploaded to a central computer where a manager can monitor their workforce. But it can also provide benefits to the staff.

How can it give cleaners more piece of mind?

One of the biggest issues facing cleaners and cleaning companies are injuries that happen when a slip, trip and fall accident occurs in the area for which they are responsible. Knowing the potential for big payouts of public liability insurance, some people will lodge fraudulent claims in the hope of easy money. This comes at the expense of the cleaner diligently doing their job. Staff tracking software helps protect the cleaner, as the software allows them to prove in a court of law that they did do the cleaning as required.

What about the security industry then?

Recently, the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) has stipulated in its Code of Practice for Mobile Security Patrols; that security operator use some form of Guard Tour Management System (GTMS), in other words a staff tracking system. This was so that security companies can provide digital proof of service for their mobile security patrols.

Additionally, security guards must, as part of their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), carry some sort of communication device such as a radio or phone. This is for added safety of the guards who might come under attack while investigating a disturbance. The UniGuard staff tracking software can be used with both Push To Talk (PTT) radios and mobile phones and incorporates request call-back features amongst other things. If a security guard is injured and unable to get help, the tracking software will tell the supervisor exactly where they are.

Can staff tracking systems be of benefit to other industries?

Yes, the Uniguard software can be adapted to other areas when the movement of staff needs to be tracked and managed, and this can be done in a way that benefits the whole workforce. More efficient allocation of staff means less stress. Being able to see when remote or mobile staff are missing encourages managers to check if they are safe and well. Having electronic boundaries on where staff can, and cannot go, warns managers when people might unintentionally stray into an area that is unsafe. There are many more potential benefits.

If you think the UniGuard software can help you, click here to see a demo of UniGuard in action.