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UniGuard Live Web and Mobile App Dashboard
UniGuard Web Dashboard Reporting & Analytics

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UniGuard understands every business is different. Customise your dashboard to show only the data that is important to you and your clients!

Tasks and Checklists

Assign jobs and reminders for staff our in the field in real time. As tasks are completed, the data is sent back to the dashboard for real-time updates.

UniGuard Web Dashboard & Mobile App Tasks
UniGuard Web Dashboard & Mobile App Incident Reporting

Form Templates

Capture data for every occasion! Create custom form templates for staff to complete at any time to ensure no event goes unnoticed.

Attendance Tracking

One simple, unified method for tracking when staff sign in and out to help ensure on time attendance and identify any discrepancies.

UniGuard Web Dashboard KPI Reporting and MObile App Sign On
UniGuard Web Dashboard Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Built in device management allows you to tailor each device to it’s operating environment. Lock down app access, network connection and more to ensure staff remain focused at all times.

KPI's and Notifications

Build custom notifications and KPI’s to track events and discrepancies as they occur. If your preset rules or limits are breached, you can automate alerts to be sent out and appropriate action can be taken before it’s too late.

UniGuard Web Dashboard KPI Tracking
UniGuard Web Dashboard Live GPS Tracking

Maps and GPS Tracking

A real-time view of where your staff are at any time, along with travel path, man down and lone worker alarms, form submissions, checkpoints and more. All with a searchable history!

Asset Management

Remember how much it cost last time a set of keys were lost? Help ensure that doesn’t happen again by tracking valuable assets and keeping staff accountable for them while in their possession.

UniGuard Web Dashboard Mobile Device Management
UniGuard Live GPS Tracking & Lone Worker

Man Down and Lone Worker

Staff safety is critical at all times. UniGuard detects free fall motion, shock detection, idle detection as well as incorporating a fully integrated lone worker solution to help ensure safety  in any environment.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting templates providing detailed analytics for you and your clients for services delivered. Automated reports can be included to save time and eliminate manual paper based reporting methods.

UniGuard Web & Mobile App Tracking & Incident Reporting

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