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Thanks to the good management of the pandemic response in Australia compared to other parts of the world, it has been easy for Australians to become complacent about COVID-19. This complacency could be exacerbated with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. How then, can shopping centre managers stay on top of the potential problems caused by this pandemic?

To ensure customer safety, many shopping centres and supermarket chains around the world have adopted technology-based staff management solutions. For many establishments, these solutions have proven to be a key factor in efficiently and effectively managing their increased workforce, especially in times like these, when operations need to be monitored and adjusted quickly and without hesitation.

Cleaning and security operations has never been easier to manage remotely with the implementation of staff monitoring and management systems like those offered by UniGuard. This is essential for management who are under pressure due to the increased frequency of cleaning and security rotations necessary to maintain a higher level of hygiene.

Additionally, a good staff management system allows you to easily analyse and adjust staff movement on the fly when required. Such situations that need quick action include:

  • General area sanitisation
  • In-store basket and trolley cleaning
  • Replenishing hand sanitisation stations
  • Slip, trip & fall hazards (eg food & beverage spills)
  • Quick action in case of a breach in social distancing regulations (eg crowing & queues)
  • Contact tracing

Implementing a customised staff monitoring and management system will not only allow you to execute and assign tasks more efficiently. It enables an establishment to analyse and adjust cleaning rotations accordingly, monitor staff compliance, take advantage of an intricate reporting system and make operations as cost effective as possible without compromising staff and customer safety.

UniGuardX offers the following tools to make cleaning and security staff management easier.

  • Location Tracking
  • Activity Log
  • Custom Forms
  • Tasks
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth & NFC
  • Request Call-Back

Contact one of our UniGuard specialists today for a tailored walkthrough of the UniGuard solution based around your challenges and business needs.