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Are you tired of losing money and customers due to untimely deliveries, ongoing vehicle maintenance, driver misconduct, and theft?

Over time these issues can build up and cost your business in lost profits, reduced customer satisfaction, and increased employee turnover due to unsafe lone working conditions.

By implementing a smart GPS fleet tracking system into each of your vehicles, you can regain control of your fleet and reap the rewards of a safer, more productive, and profitable business.

Here are 4 ways GPS fleet tracking can produce winning results for your business.

GPS Fleet Tracking Live Monitoring

1. Reduce fleet operating costs

GPS tracking can help reduce operating costs in a number of ways.

Firstly, the presence of a GPS tracker can help curb unsafe driving habits such as speeding, fast braking, tailgating, and frequent overtaking. As a result, drivers are less likely to get a speeding fine, lose their license, or get into a road accident.

Furthermore, GPS fleet tracking can be used to reduce idle vehicle activity.

When vehicles are idle they burn unnecessary amounts of fuel. So they need refuelling more often, more frequent maintenance due to engine wear-and-tear, and they produce more harmful emissions. Thus, costing you money and negatively impacting the environment.

With a GPS tracker, you can help curb unnecessary idle activity. You can also take the opportunity to promote best eco-friendly practices, by instructing drivers to switch the vehicle off when:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Processing paperwork
  • Parked and talking on the phone
  • Eating or sleeping

Find out how UniGuard can reduce your fleet operating costs. Book a FREE demo with a UniGuard specialist today!

2. Optimise travel routes for faster deliveries and increased customer satisfaction

With real-time GPS tracking you can plan trips ahead of time and optimise each route to ensure faster deliveries.

By taking into account a variety of factors – such as type of vehicle, narrow roads, low bridge clearance, traffic congestion, weather, and much more – the device can automatically produce the safest, most optimal route for the driver.

Of course, you can fine-tune the journey if you need drivers to slightly deviate from their intended destination for other purposes.

As a result, your drivers are more likely to avoid delays caused by construction, road accidents, and peak hour traffic jams. This way, drivers will arrive at their destination sooner and keep customers satisfied.

3. Improved safety

Lone drivers who travel to remote locations are at a greater risk of danger than other drivers.

For this reason, you need a system that enables you to keep an eye on your fleet at all times, and be instantly notified when a problem arises.

With real-time GPS tracking, you can not only track the precise location of your drivers, but also notify them of unsafe driving conditions and be notified if they run into trouble. This way, if a driver becomes lost or stranded, you or another staff member can quickly respond to assist the driver.

By providing a safer work environment for drivers, you’ll be able to retain key workers for longer and avoid the costly burden of insurance claims, delivery delays, and worker’s compensation claims.

Most importantly? Your workers will have peace of mind knowing they’re in safe hands, no matter where they are.

4. Reduce the risk of theft

According to recent studies, 53,564 vehicles were reported stolen in Australia in 2018 – that’s one every 10 minutes!

That’s why it’s vital to implement GPS fleet tracking into each of your vehicles. Let the experts at UniGuard provide you with the right GPS system to complement your business needs.

The reason for this is simple: when a thief detects the presence of a GPS tracking device, they’re more likely to avoid it and move on.

And, in the event a thief does manage to steal the vehicle, the tracking device makes it easy for both you and the authorities to quickly track it down.

You can even increase response times by setting up a temporary geo-fence around the perimeter of the vehicle. So, if the vehicle leaves the virtual perimeter during a designated time period, you’ll be instantly notified so you can take swift action.

UniGuard is an advanced platform designed to put you back in control of your fleet. To discover the benefits of GPS fleet tracking for yourself, book a FREE demo with a UniGuard specialist today.

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