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Working in a mine must be one of the toughest jobs out there. Working in remote locations, the physicality involved and the dangers that go with it means that planning out all operations and making sure everyone is compliant is necessary to ensure a safe environment for all workers.

The conditions and general layout of a mine usually makes it quite difficult to be able to manage all employees at once. Whether the workers are in a different section of the mine or there is no direct access to them, it is important to keep an open line of communication between all the teams. One of the factors that determines how safe a mine is, is the ability to immediately inform other workers of a potential hazard that may have arisen. This prevents any accidents from occurring and worst of all, someone getting seriously injured.

However, these hazards can be drastically reduced if routine inspections of the mine’s layout and integrity are scheduled. Frequent inspections of the surrounding environment and detailed reporting are the key to identifying any weaknesses within the mine so that any potential dangers can be immediately dealt with and avoided altogether.

This is where the use of a management and tracking system becomes essential. Since there is limited access to some areas and communication can be rather difficult, it would be particularly useful to be able to see all workers in the mine in real time. If an incident should occur, management would know exactly where each employee is and be able to give the appropriate instructions to lead them all to a safer environment.

Scheduled inspections within the mining area would also be able to be remotely assigned, as well as ensuring their completion. Individual reports could be assigned to specific high-risk areas and different sections of the mine, ensuring a regular and detailed log of conditions and potential hazards. These reports would automatically be updated to the server for future review if needed.

Performance monitoring of employees would be made easier as reporting could be done on the go through the application itself. Monitoring performance is crucial in such an industry. Not only will management ensure employee compliance and that all daily tasks are being completed, but by making sure that all workers are doing their job, the safety of other employees would not be jeopardised.

Heavy machinery and equipment are also important to be logged and monitored. Tracking equipment and being able to easily locate it through a simple search on a phone would be especially useful for employees to gain access to it quicker and more efficiently. A GPS tracker on a piece of machinery would result in less time wasted looking for it in harsh conditions and an increased organisational standard within the mine.

The implementation of such a system in these conditions would drastically improve the safety of the environment for the employees while increasing the efficiency of reporting and open communication between different teams, making it easier for operations managers to assign tasks and routine checks. It improves the standard of organisation when it comes to archiving previous reports and handling equipment and machinery.

At UniGuard we pride ourselves in being able to provide customised solutions for such industries, assessing every detail and what is needed to address it. Our goal is to provide the safest possible environment for all workers within an industry, as well as ensuring that the workplace is performing optimally and up to standard.

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