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UniGuard News 17th December 2020 – The Importance of Solar Farm Management Systems

Managing and maintaining solar farms can be quite a tedious task, considering that their profitability depends on panels performing optimally at all times. There are numerous elements which can affect the performance of these panels, so a high level of attentive care is required around the clock to ensure the maximum level of output consistently.

Effective management of all operations on the solar farm to ensure dependable performance is crucial for a company to guarantee consistent profitability and minimise maintenance and repair costs. There are various operations which need to be individually addressed in order to maintain this standard. These include:

  • Equipment inspections
  • Panel component maintenance
  • Scheduled panel cleaning
  • Environmental maintenance
  • Security rotations

Technology to help manage all of these simultaneous operations is extremely helpful for companies to be able to coordinate their tasks and increase efficiency. Task assignment software is beneficial for large workforces as they could be remotely instructed to perform scheduled tasks and also be assigned new ones as they go directly through the application.

Through the adoption of this system, regular reporting would also be made easier as it could be uploaded and saved immediately after the task is completed. This method of instant reporting allows management to oversee, in real time, which jobs have been completed as well as have a log of all past operations for referral if needed. Such a feature would also come in handy in the case of any insurance claims for the provision of proof as well as potentially lowering yearly premiums.

The tracking of company assets is also something which should be taken into consideration to ensure their safety and appropriate use. Specific pieces of equipment built for the sole purpose of maintaining a solar farm can be quite expensive and their maintenance and protection is not something which should be taken lightly.

In the case of vehicles, a tracking and monitoring device can be attached to the electrical system, through which the location can be viewed in real time as well as monitoring their status (ex. fuel lines, water levels). This would also prove beneficial to monitor how the vehicles are being treated by employees as these devices have inbuilt harsh acceleration, turning and breaking sensors. Monitoring such usage and reducing their abuse drastically cuts yearly maintenance costs on company vehicles and equipment.

“Investing in an appropriate strategy to manage daily operations is crucial in such an industry. The consistent monitoring and maintenance required to keep profits high is extensive, so it is of utmost importance that a system is adopted to be able to effectively coordinate your workforce as well as protect your valuable assets.”

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