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UniGuard News 15th December 2020 – 4 Ways Technology has Transformed the Security Industry

The security industry has had its fair share of technological advancement over the past few years. In order to keep up with the demand of this ever-growing industry, certain technologies had to be applied to aid security companies execute their operations more effectively. Staff management software has revolutionised the way security companies operate, providing all the necessary features to be able to execute any appointed task in time and on the fly.


Before any of these technologies were introduced to the industry, all planning, mapping and time scheduling had to be done manually. This created many variables which could negatively affect the execution of the job at hand. With staff management software, the rotations and their intervals could be digitally mapped out, providing visual aid to the patrol officers through their phone, as well as their rotation intervals. This not only helps the patrol officer keep up with routine checks but also gives peace of mind to management that all locations are being monitored and are safe.


The days of manually reporting incidents or routine checks on pen and paper are way behind us. Software which caters for the security industries allows reporting to be done efficiently through the application itself. These reports can be customised to provide any required detail of a routine check or an accident. The best reporting systems also have photo capturing features as well as digital signatures to ensure the accountability of the patrol officer or security guard. Rotations are also converted into a report which allows the overseer to ensure that the patrols have been done correctly and on time. These reports are automatically uploaded to the server, eliminating the possibility of alterations or getting lost.


One of the issues that many companies were facing in the past, is being able to prove if their employees were being compliant with tasks at hand. The features within today’s software allow management to be able to see where their employees are live, as well as their rotational compliance. This is done through a series of checkpoints which have to be scanned by the patrol officer or guard at a specific time in order to prove that the area was checked. These checkpoint scans are then compiled into a report which provides information such as the time the checkpoint was scanned, as well as any missed checkpoints. This level of reporting assures management that their employees are executing their tasks correctly, on time and not deviating from their work which may cause a potential safety hazard.


Staff management software has dramatically improved the efficiency of security guard operations, allowing reporting, task assignment, rotations and general employee compliance to be monitored or set remotely from a centralised computer system. This not only saves the company time and resources, but also enables the management of multiple operations to be handled with ease. This not only benefits the company, saving them both time and money, but also improves customer satisfaction by delivering the best possible service to their clients.

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