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UniGuard News 10th December 2020 – Staff & Asset Tracking,
The Solution for all your Courier & Delivery Service Challenges

As of last year, 14% of total global retail sales were generated through online shopping, estimated at around 1.92 billion digital buyers worldwide. This percentage is expected to rise to 22% by the year 2023. This only means one thing for our fellow courier and delivery service providers. It’s going to be quite a busy couple of years ahead and the numbers are projected to keep on increasing as time goes by.

Due to the increased demand of courier and delivery services, businesses may be facing multiple challenges to keep up with the demand in this highly competitive industry. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Late or missing deliveries
  • Damaged customer goods
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Scheduling
  • Managing multiple delivery routes
  • Remotely managing employees
  • Quick task assignment
  • Employee reporting and performance reviews

Overlooked and not acted upon, these issues could be detrimental to the overall performance of the company and could lead to a significant loss in profits.

The Solution?

“Organisation is key if one wants their business to function optimally. When it comes to courier and delivery services, this might be the most important action one should take.”

Modern times require modern solutions. The smartest decision a courier and delivery service manager could make is utilising a platform through which deliveries can be mapped out, assigned to specific employees, and receive consistent delivery status updates. This open level of communication through the platform’s features allows the operations manager to make amendments to the route or assign additional tasks if the situation arises. Reporting would also be a breeze; the most advanced staff management software generates its own internal reporting which could be viewed at any time by the manager or employer.

These features within a platform solve all the issues related to overseeing staff performance remotely and keeping an open line of direct and effective communication, which in turn, saves the employer quite a bit of money as well as improving customer satisfaction with the reduction of late or undelivered packages.

Asset Protection

Most companies will find that a significant money leak which they are unaware of is a direct result of poorly maintained assets. Damages to company property such as vehicles and devices could be easily handled by installing regulatory devices within them. These include:

  • GPS devices
  • Harsh turning sensors
  • Harsh braking sensors
  • Speedometer

Luckily, nowadays we possess the technology to incorporate all these features into a single, easily installable device. The instant notification when a vehicle is being inappropriately driven will instigate much higher discretion when employees are making use of company property. Modern devices can also provide other information such as fuel and water levels as well as regular maintenance checks. Once this system is applied, employers will find that they are saving money on vehicle maintenance due to level of diligence that they are driven with. Damaged goods are also directly related to their transportation and handling, this system will also work to protect the customer’s assets, making them less prone to damage by impact or rapid movement.

“Keeping both of these key elements in mind, your courier or delivery service will have all the right arrangements in place to be able to perform optimally, drastically minimising human error, making efficiency a priority, protecting company property and increasing customer satisfaction.”


  • Location Tracking
  • Activity Log
  • Custom Forms
  • Tasks
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • GPS Bluetooth & NFC
  • Request Call-Back

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