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In a world where traditional mail services are diminishing and being replaced by online versions such as email and messaging, parcel services are growing for the same reason, the internet. The figures tell the story, last year 14% of total global retail sales were generated through online shopping, estimated at around 1.92 billion digital buyers worldwide. This percentage is expected to rise to 22% by the year 2023.

Challenges Facing Courier and Delivery Services

Courier and delivery businesses are facing multiple challenges as a result of this increase in demand, which are made more difficult because of the competitive nature of the industry. Some of the most common challenges include:

  • Late or missing deliveries
  • Damaged customer goods
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Scheduling
  • Managing multiple delivery routes
  • Remotely managing employees
  • Quick task assignment
  • Employee reporting and performance reviews

If left unaddressed, these issues can become detrimental to the overall performance of the company and could lead to a significant loss in profits.

How can Tracking Software Help?

Through helping managers organise their business, by allowing them to view where their staff and assets are in real time. Routes and tasks can be assigned, while the status of the delivery is regularly updated on the platform dashboard. Reporting is also a breeze as the most advanced staff management software generate internal reporting which can be viewed at any time by the manager or employer.

These features within the platform solve the issues surrounding the remote management of staff performance and keep an open line of direct and effective communication. This in turn, saves the employer money as well as improving customer satisfaction due to a reduction of late or undelivered packages.

Protecting Your Assets with GPS Tracking

Misused and poorly maintained assets are potentially a drain on resources within any business, resulting in significant money leakage and a loss of staff performance amongst other things. Damages to company property such as vehicles and devices could be easily handled by installing regulatory devices within them. These include:

  • GPS devices
  • Harsh turning sensors
  • Harsh braking sensors
  • Speedometer

Today there is technology available that incorporates all these features into a small, easy to install and operate device.

The Impact of Vehicle Tracking

Apart from encouraging employees to treat the company vehicles with care and respect when they are driven, GPS car trackers can help in a number of other ways. Tracking devices that are connected into the vehicle’s electronics can monitor systems such as the fuel level and schedule regular maintenance checks, with reminders sent to the relevant people.

Tracking the performance of the delivery vehicle can also improve the condition of the delivered packages as damaged to goods is directly related to their transportation and handling. That is, these devices work to protect the customer’s assets, making them less prone to damage by impact or rapid movement.

GPS vehicle trackers are a vital tool in helping delivery and courier businesses to make efficiency and good performance a priority, whilst minimising human error, protecting the company’s property and increasing customer satisfaction.

UniGuard has a range of GPS trackers to suit many different needs. Contact our sales team today to find one that suits you.