Waste Management Tracking

Regardless of whether it is big bins or small, UniGuard has a way of tracking the servicing of waste management assets.


Proof of Service

Electronic tracking is the best way to guarantee proof that bins have been emptied on scheduled, helping deal with complaints from the general public. Reports can be scheduled to be automatically sent when needed.

Manage Resources

Supervisors can view the progress of the fleet using the web dashboard, making it easy to allocate jobs to under-utilised trucks when they have finished a route. The dashboard can be view on a laptop, or in the field on a tablet.

Locate Bins

Track the location of bulk bins using GPS and send an alert when a bin has been moved from the designated location. Knowing the location of bins stops delays caused by drivers being unable to find lost bins.

Avoid Disputes

In larger institutions such as universities, hospitals, and government departments, small indoor bins can go missing or get mixed up. Tagging and tracking bins can help match bins to owners and avoid the disagreements that result.

Litter Bins

The emptying of street bins can be tracked using NFC or RFID tags discretely placed on the bins in a way that definitively proves each bin has been opened and emptied. UniGuard checkpoints are long wearing and designed to work on metal bins.

Routing Jobs

Depending on the location, the emptying of bins can be scheduled at different times of the week, from multiple times a day to only once a week. Jobs can be part of a standard route or a one-off job. Reports can identify when jobs have not been completed to schedule.

Photographic Evidence

The UniGuard app allows for users to take photos and add comments when needed. This is useful for recording vandalism and damage to bins and facilities such as public toilets. Evidence can also be used as before and after photos to prove that bins have been washed.

Easy to Use

UniGuard equipment, whether it is custom built hardware, or a phone app have been designed to be easy to use by drivers, even with gloved hands. This allows workers to quickly scan checkpoints while emptying bins.

Lone Workers

The UniGuard system incorporates lone worker features that ensure the safety of your workforce. This includes sensors such as free fall motion, shock, and idle detection, along with a request call-back button, which triggers an alert to be sent to the supervisor.

"Using it for litter bins is a bit outside of your normal scope, but it actually does a really, really good job for me."

Christopher Nock, Wellington Shire Council

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