Security Workforce Management

UniGuard X is a super simple and effective way to manage your security workforce. Track and analyse everything from guard tours, incident reporting, KPIs, GPS tracking, Lone workers and much more!

UniGuard Web Dashboard Live GPS Tracking
UniGuard Live GPS Tracking & Mobile

Location Tracking

UniGuard X can track your guards using a variety of different inputs including NFC, Bluetooth, GPS and accelerometer to ensure you know exactly where your guards are at all times!

Virtual Control Room

UniGuard X can act as your very own virtual control room with real-time progress and updates on active patrols, man down alarms, incident submissions, KPI metrics and more, all customised just to you!

UniGuard Live Dashboard Web & Mobile
UniGuard Web & mobile Incident Form

Incidents, Audits and Inspections

Capture important data for every occasion! Create custom form templates for guards to complete at any time to ensure any event can be reported on, big or small.

Tasks and Checklists

How do you ensure your guards get the message? Simply assign them a task in real-time to help ensure no job get left behind. UniGuard X can even schedule your tasks and make them repeatable to reduce the need for extra data entry.

UniGuard Web Dashboard Tasks & Mobile App
UniGuard Reporting

Attendance Tracking

When did your guard turn up last night? UniGuard X will tell you when! Attendance data can be displayed on your dashboard for quick access, or even automatically sent to payroll for accounting.

KPIs and Alerts

Create custom KPIs to track and manage your guards performance for required patrols, on time attendance, audit checks and much more! If your KPIs are not reached, alerts can be sent to you or your clients to inform them in real-time.

UniGuard Dashboard KPI
UniGuard Live GPS Tracking & Mobile

Man-Down and Lone Worker

Guard safety is critical at all times. UniGuard X detects free fall motion, shock detection, idle detection as well as incorporating a fully integrated lone worker solution to help ensure the safety of your guards in any environment.

Maps and GPS

Keep an eye on your guards movements at all times with maps and GPS tracking. Important events are also geotagged to ensure you get a full view of operations as it happens in real-time, all with a searchable history!

UniGuard Live GPS Tracking
UniGuard Reporting Analytics

Report Automation

Work smarter, not harder! UniGuard X can automatically generate your reports and analytics for you and deliver them right to your inbox.

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Available on the web, iOS, Android as well as dedicated hardware devices.

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