Guard Tour Management System

UniGuard is a versatile and effective system for managing your security workforce. Track and analyse everything from guard tours, incident reporting, KPIs, GPS tracking, and lone workers.

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Patrol Monitoring

Our guard patrol system makes it easy to monitor the security guards by tracking and mapping the guards’ locations, along with important events such as task completion, incidents, and man-down alerts.

Improve Guard Performance

As well as showing the guard location, UniGuard gives you the option to see when the guard has not met their targets, by using geofences and attendance alerts as well as exception analytics and reports.

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Security contract compliance

Proof of Service

Contract compliance is guaranteed as UniGuard provides a definitive digital proof of service to your clients. Delays can be avoided by scheduling client reports to be sent automatically on an agreed date.

Flexible Choice

The UniGuard software app is customisable so forms and task lists can be created for your guards. As well, UniGuard supplies more than just smartphone apps, alternate tracking systems are also available.

iButton, RFID, NFC, BLE
Man-down alert

Man-Down Alerts

Because safety is critical, UniGuard systems incorporate free fall motion, shock, and idle detection, along with an in-built duress alarm, to alert the supervisor of any issues as they happen in real time.

ASIAL Compliance

UniGuard products meet the ASIAL Mobile Security Patrols Code of Practice for proof of service, guard tour management systems, mobile communication devices, mobile duress devices and record retention.

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"UniGuard has enabled me to tell clients when and what time the patrols were done with NO arguments."

Tony Aubeck, S.C.E.M Security

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