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Uniguard X Performance Management System

A performance management system to actually motivate your employees

All the tools you need to monitor performance, boost employee engagement and productivity, and achieve your strategic goals – in one convenient place.

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Establish Your Own Goals

With the best performance management system, you can define your own version of success. Set up custom KPIs for individual teams, departments, and employees. Monitor the progress of each parameter as time goes on. And change or adjust your KPIs as the nature of your business and the roles of your employees evolve.

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Early Response Times

Don’t wait until the annual performance review to deal with ongoing problems. By being able to detect performance discrepancies early, you can quickly identify the source of the issue, and propose a swift and effective resolution plan.

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Profiles for Every Employee

Transfer all your employee records into a beautiful, easy to search for digital profile. You can include their relevant skills, qualifications, employment type, experience, and more. Plus, you can set up and monitor their individual performance goals, and relate it back to your overall strategic goals.

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Personalised Dashboards

Your business is unique. Your employees are unique. That’s why UniGuard X lets you customise almost every aspect of your dashboard. So you only see the data that’s relevant to your business and your clients’ needs.

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Assign Tasks and Automate Reminders

Assign tasks and reminders to staff out in the field in real time. You can include task details, required delivery times, and specify who assigned the task. As each task is complete, all data and analytics are sent back to your dashboard for you to review later.

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Keep Clients in the Loop

Share real time data and job progress with your clients to assure them that projects will be delivered properly, on time, and in accordance with their unique specifications.

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Save Time

By automating almost every aspect of the performance management process, you have more time and energy to focus on what you do best – run your business.

Take Performance Management to the Next Level

Find out how UniGuard X can streamline your performance management process and deliver outstanding results for your business.

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