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How Smart Forms Work

Digital forms are an integral part of the UniGuard X staff tracking software, smoothly integrating forms and tracking into one system.

Forms are easy to set up

Simplified Setup

The UniGuard X form builder is a powerful tool that is easy to set up in minutes. Use drop-down menus to mix and match a choice of user inputs to create the exact information you need, while added text inputs guide the user to fill the form correctly.

Assign forms to users and roles

Assign Forms to Users

Users can be organised into groups, for example cleaners or guards. Set up permissions for each group using simple toggle switches. Create and assign forms to a single user, group or branch, or multiple users, groups, and branches.

Assign forms to locations and activities

Assign to Locations and Events

Forms can also be assigned to be completed at a specific time or location. They can also be set up to be triggered by the scanning of an NFC or Bluetooth checkpoint, or by passing in or out of a geofence. The form only displays on a user’s phone when triggered.

Android and iOS

iOS and Android

The forms feature of the UniGuard app is compatible with both Android and iOS phones, giving you the option to use existing work phones. If a new staff member is rostered at short notice, they can also download the app onto their own phone on the way to the job.

Near real-time incident alerts

Regular Alerts

Don’t want to wait hours for paperwork to return to the office. An alert can be sent in near real time via SMS and email whenever a form is submitted, so you can learn about problems as soon as they are noticed and reported. Submitted forms are also displayed on the dashboard map.

Works without cellular coverage

Works Offline

Forms can be used even if the phone does not have cellular connection ensuring that no data is lost, and staff can keep working. When out of range the form is saved on the phone and automatically sent to the dashboard once the phone reconnects with a cellular network.

Secure cloud bases operation and storage

Secure Storage and Privacy

UniGuard considers your data security, privacy and retention to be of the highest importance, so rest easy knowing that UniGuard only uses the best Australian Google cloud-base systems to process and store your data.

Automated digital reporting


Fulfill customer reporting SLAs and management KPIs by using automatic scheduled reporting. Reports can be downloaded immediately as Excel or PDF, or schedule to repeat at regular intervals, either daily, weekly or monthly. A personalised message can also be added to emailed reports.

Tracking and forms in one integrated package.

Pay less than it would cost to get them separately. Contact a sales consultant to find out how.

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