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Efficient Facilities Management with Cleaning Management Software

UniGuard attendance verification tracking helps you manage your contracts and ensure that work is performed to specification.


The adoption of technological advancements is reshaping facilities management, improving work practices, along with economic, environment and social outcomes in the process. Improvements in resource allocation, user comfort, asset protection and worker safety all contribute to a greater level of satisfaction for all relevant parties. Dynamic leaders are incentivised to find and onboard innovative solutions that propel their operations into the future while assisting in the presentation of a good business case to potential clients.

Security, maintenance and cleaning

Property Services

Soft facilities management services such as cleaning, security, waste collection and grounds maintenance can be effortlessly monitored using an integrated staff attendance tracking system. Benefits include greater staff safety and more productive operational practices.

Monitor key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators

Staff and asset tracking allows you to monitor the performance of staff, contractors, and subcontractors, assisting with the timely identification and rectification of potential problems. Improved planning maximises performance and reduces adverse outcomes.

Digital record keeping

Record Keeping

Good record keeping practices are readily facilitated through the use of electronic staff and asset management. Well-designed databases are secure and allow the easy storage, retrieval, and analysis of critical information, while working within the legislated framework.

Automated digital reporting


The electronic collection of performance data aids in streamlining the reporting process to all relevant stakeholders including managers, clients, and regulatory bodies when required. Consistent automated reporting saves time and eliminates the introduction of mistakes.

Digital checklists for audits and inspections

Audits and Inspection Reports

Staff tracking both contributes to financial transparency and supports audit reporting of soft facility management services, such as cleaning and ground maintenance. Additionally, audit data assists in identifying problem areas, providing opportunities for improvement.

Keeping contractor agreements


Maintain compliance with government regulations, industry standards and client expectations. Digital records provide definitive proof that services were completed to agreed standards, minimising risk of financial penalty or contract termination.

Reduce insurance costs


Conclusively demonstrating proof of service minimises exposure to risk of personal injury claims, loss of public liability insurance and the potential loss of contracts that may result. Reductions in insurance costs and increased tender bidding success are additional benefits.

Reduce costs

Value For Money

Delivering operational efficiencies, sustainability and value for money are more important than ever. Digital monitoring presents opportunities for ongoing improvements in the effectiveness of service provision, enabling the highest quality service within a budget.

Customer satisfaction

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Improving services enables a greater level of satisfaction for all stakeholders by creating a cleaner and safer environment for users and raising property values for owner. Smoother service delivery mitigates user disputes and complaints whilst decreases ongoing running costs.

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