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UniGuard X Employee Management Software.

Boost productivity and streamline the delivery of your services.

From staff tracking and real-time dashboards to task reminders, incident reporting, and more – everything you need to streamline your workforce is right here.

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Connect with Everyone

Smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop – it doesn’t matter where your staff are located or what device they’re on; the best employee management software keeps you and the whole team connected anytime, anywhere.

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Keep an Eye on Your Staff

Know exactly where your staff and assets are located in real-time. With access to travel history and a searchable history, you can review the route your employees take and any checkpoints they stop at along the way. This insight can help you spot any travel discrepancies and choose a more optimal route to speed up delivery times.

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Task Assigning Made Easy

Assign jobs and reminders for staff out in the field in real-time. As tasks are completed, you’ll be instantly notified and all reports and analytics will be sent straight to the dashboard for you to review later.

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Achieve Your Business Goals

Ensure that your workers are reaching their targets with real-time progress updates and notifications as events are recorded out in the field. If any discrepancies are found, UniGuard X will let you know so that you can take swift and positive action.

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Protect Your Lone Workers

UniGuard X provides an all-in-one lone worker solution to suit any occupation, industry, or environment. With the ability to detect free fall motion, shock detection, and idle detection, you’ll be instantly alerted to any discrepancies in their work pattern.

Become a Better Workforce Today

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