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Digital Smart Forms

Go paperless and unleash the power of digital smart forms with the UniGuard X integrated tracking solution.

All-in-one solution

All-In-One Solution

Smart forms have been built right into the UniGuard X tracking software, eliminating the need for integrating separate platforms, and allowing forms to be seamlessly used as part the staff tracking workflow. Enhanced tracking means better business outcomes.

Break down barriers

Reduce Barriers to Better Performance

Remove the disincentive for filling out paperwork by having digital forms at your staff’s fingertips. Triggered prompts remind staff to complete all tasks while on site. Pre-set fields help to guide staff to report incidents in a consistent and comparable way, allowing future analysis and improvements.

Streamlined workflows

Streamline Your Processes

Digital forms save both money and time, by simplifying business processes. Paperwork is automatically sent to the dashboard in near real time enabling a quick response from management. Collected data is stored in the cloud for easy retrieval, analysis and automated reporting.

Digital forms can be adapted to your needs

Adapted To Your Needs

Forms are fully customisable giving businesses the flexibility to tailor forms to match their existing processes. An unlimited number of forms can be designed for the specific requirements of each site, user group or use case.

Collect photos, reports and signatures

Rich Data Capture

UniGuard X forms allows you to collect so much more than just tracking data such as NFC and Bluetooth scans. Along with time and GPS location, you can capture geofence compliance, user text, checkboxes, photographs, signatures and custom drop-down menus.

Good quality data

Quality Information Every Time

Collect the right data from your staff every time. Mandatory fields make sure that staff fill out forms properly, while an added signature provides a legal incentive to ensure the information is correct. Digital forms eliminate the risk of mistakes from transferring manual forms into the computer.

How Smart Forms Work

Digital smart forms are easy to create and incorporate into your workflow allowing you to achieve better business results. Click to learn more about how they work.

Smart Use for Smart Forms

UniGuard X smart forms have been designed to fit into your work process and can be used anywhere paperwork is collected in the field. Some uses include:

Compliance symbol
SLED Compliance

Collect guard information to stay legal and safe

cleaning forms
Bathroom Checklists

Ensure stocks are replenished and toilets cleaned

Run Sheets forms
Run Sheets

Flexible and customised security patrol routes

Slippery surface symbol
STF Report

Identify and report slip, trip and fall hazards

Warning symbol
Incident Forms

Capture statements, photos and signatures

Vandalism symbol
Graffiti Survey

Photograph and report graffiti and other damage

Audit symbol
Site Audits

Improve safety and efficiency through simplified site checks

Lock symbol
Lockup Checks

Checklist with standard site lock up procedures

Why use separate form and tracking software?

Combine both and save. Learn how to modernise your workforce, contact UniGuard today.

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