Cleaning Workforce Management

UniGuard offers a cleaning tracking system that is both versatile and effective. Track and analyse everything from cleaning rotations, tasks, incident reports and KPIs.

20 minute cleaning rotation

Rotation Compliance

The cleaning software allows the supervisor to track and manage cleaners and ensure that cleaning is completed within legally required timeframes. If not, an alert is sent out in real-time allowing the situation to be fixed.

Digital checklists for cleaning audits and inspections

Incidents, Audits, and Inspections

Important information such as incident, audit and inspection data are easily captured using the system. Details such as, checklists, comments, photos and signatures can be submitted by the cleaners using customised forms.

Allocating cleaners to a spill in a shopping centre

Better Resource Allocation

Using a cleaning tracking system lets you know where your cleaners are at all times helping you allocate resources when required, such as when an incident occurs. Analytics of historical data can be used to reveal trends and improve staffing efficiencies over time.

Digital paperwork and reporting for cleaning

Digital Paperwork

In paper-based system, information is written down and often collected and filed away in boxes, which is then difficult to retrieve at a later date. Digital systems make the collection, storage, retrieval and reporting of information simple.

Cleaning Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Attendance data can be collected so you know when your cleaners are clocking in and out of the work location. This can then be view within the UniGuard application or set up to be automatically exported for your preferred payroll system if required.

CNFC, Bluetooth, RFID and iButtons

Flexible Choice

The UniGuard software is customisable so forms and task lists can be created for your cleaners. As well, UniGuard supplies more than just smartphone apps, NFC and Bluetooth checkpoints, alternate tracking systems are also available.

Public Liability Insurance

Our customers have reported large savings from
using UniGuard to manage their cleaning workforce.


Reduction in litigation claims


Lower than average industry claim


Lower public liability premiums

UniGuard white paper

Learn more about the importance of staff tracking within the
cleaning industry and how it can save you both money and time.


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