Cleaning Workforce Management

UniGuard X is a super simple and effective way to manage your cleaning workforce. Track and analyse everything from rotation compliance, incident reporting, KPIs, GPS location, keys and assets and much more!

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Reduction in litigation claims


Lower than average industry claim


Lower public liability premiums

UniGuard KPI & Tasks

Rotation Compliance

Track and manage all your KPIs to help ensure your cleaners are meeting their rotation compliance, audit checks and inspections. If KPIs are not reached, alerts can be sent in real-time to help ensure the situation is recovered before clients become aware.

Incidents, Audits and Inspections

Capture important data for every occasion! Create custom form templates for cleaners to submit details including incidents, audit and inspection checks and much more.

UniGuard Incident Form Web & Mobile
UniGuard Live GPS Tracking & Mobile

Location Tracking

UniGuard X can track your cleaners using a variety of different inputs including NFC for pin point location data, bluetooth beacons for smart indoor tracking, GPS to ensure your staff are covered outdoors and accelerometer to assist with staff welfare.

Real-Time Dashboard

UniGuard X can act as your very own virtual command center with real-time progress and updates on rotation compliance, audit checks, incident submissions, KPI metrics and more, all customised just to you!

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UniGuard Task Dispatch Web & Mobile

Tasks and Checklists

Ensure your cleaners know exactly what to do by creating quick and simple tasks and checklists for them to follow and complete. UniGuard X can even schedule your tasks and make them repeatable to reduce the need for extra data entry

Attendance Tracking

Ensure your cleaners are turning up and checking out on time. Attendance data can be displayed on your dashboard for easy reference, or automatically exported for your preferred payroll system.

UniGuard Live Web Dashboard Activity
UniGuard Live GPS Tracking

Maps and GPS

A real-time overview of your cleaners movements in real-time, along with travel path, incident submissions, lone worker alarms, geofencing, checkpoints and more. All with a searchable history!

Report Automation

Work smarter, not harder! UniGuard X can automatically generate your reports and analytics for you and deliver them right to your inbox.

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