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Accidents that result in people falling over are more common than most realise. Usually, these falls don’t result in more than a bruised ego, but sometime the fall is more serious. In some instances, injuries are serious and potentially life changing, with the victim permanently disabled and unable to work. For these people and their families, the personal loss can be significant. This is why the importance of prevention cannot be understated.

The statistics can be viewed in our Slips, Trips, and Falls infographic.

When personal injury claims are also considered, preventing accidents is good for business as well. In fact, many businesses that are open to the public are now expected to not just take preventative measures, but also collect an irrefutable record of the measures if they want to be able to access Public Liability Insurance.

The UniGuardX staff tracking software creates an electronic record of staff activities, such as showing 20-minute cleaning rotation compliance. As well, the unique tracking form builder can replace paper forms, creating a permanent record of all tasks, incidents and audits that is unalterable and easily accessible.

Want to learn more about how UniGuardX can prevent injuries and reduce the risk of costly insurance claims, contact our sales team today.