From manufacturing sites to business offices, every important location must consider its security needs on a continual basis. To ensure that the premises remain undisturbed overnight and when not in use, many organisations opt to employ a security patrol system. These systems use guards who visit and monitor the sites, checking on critical areas and guaranteeing that all is well. They are also available to respond to any incidents or disturbances that may occur. For many businesses, bringing in outside companies to work on these patrols is a necessity. When providing security services to other firms, it’s crucial to have a way to organise accurately, monitor and maintain your company’s security tour reliability.

For almost two decades, UniGuard has been providing innovative hardware and software solutions to the security sector. We offer an excellent suite of software that empowers security firms to organise and assign guards to the security patrol systems at all the locations they service. With strong data recorders that link to the system in a variety of ways, staying on top of all the relevant data is simple. What are some other reasons your business should consider deploying a UniGuard system, though? Consider a few of the following reasons to enhance your security solutions with our services.

The most dependable way to track security tour information

  1. UniGuard provides versatile safety tour systems and solutions for many different security applications. The checkpoint system works very well in many settings, and our data collection processes fit well into any organisation seeking to improve its efficiency on the ground. With everything condensed into one unified dashboard, finding and viewing the information you need with up to the minute updates is made a simple matter.
  2. We have the most ruggedised data collection tools in the market. With UniGuard hardware, there’s no need to worry about lost data due to damage from a patrol. Our range includes steel and polyurethane constructions which are profoundly impact resistant and watertight. Designed with long term use in mind, it’s a smart investment that will hold up to the rigours of your security tour demands.
  3. You have the opportunity to secure lower insurance costs for your firm. Because of the accountability and peace of mind, a UniGuard security patrol system provides, your rates could be lower. That reduces your operating costs and makes reinvesting in your business or improving your bottom line that much easier.

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These reasons combined with even further benefits make UniGuard’s solutions the ideal choice. Not only can you reaffirm your commitment to your clients, but you can boost efficiency and create opportunities for growth. By reducing human error and automating a large part of your system, you can easily stay on top of all the daily developments. Rely on our years of experience and proven track record to deliver the products your business needs.

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