Features Equal Benefits When It Comes to Security Patrol Monitoring Software

Have you ever considered how the hardware and software functionalities of newer security patrol monitoring software systems work together in unison to create a perfect package of benefits for the advanced security team? It’s rather ingenious since each set of features can apply to a range of scenarios and provide unique advantages for your team members and by extension, unique benefits for you.

How Does Patrol Monitoring Software Integrate Hardware and Software?

An interesting question. At the heart of it is an interesting answer. The hardware portion of the patrol monitor software is the mobile device worn by guards that allow them remote access to features and allows them to be tracked via GPS. It also includes the computers, which house the software solution to the equation. This software includes what could be termed a virtual “command centre” that collects, organises, and presents all of the information obtained from the remote units in one place. It displays the data in a way that is easy to comprehend and offers the individual monitoring the computers with the capability to make real-time adjustments to whatever needs attention.

When it comes to guard patrol routes, the hardware device can utilise GPS tracking so that you know where your security team is situated during all times of a patrol. It can also include RFID technology that can give you a heads up when they’ve reached particular checkpoints along a route. This combination of validation methods lets you know that your guards are sticking to their tours, provides timestamp data on when they reached specific points on the route and eliminates the need for you to chase people around for reports about when things happened since it is all logged automatically.

In case something does happen along a route, the mobile hardware device gives a guard all the ability he needs to record the incident in a concise but complete manner. They can geotag the location of an event and add photographic evidence to corroborate their account of what happened. Information regarding incidents can be compiled via the security patrol monitor software, and can be viewed as a “big picture” for you to determine what, if anything, is going on.

The geolocation ability is also useful for locating where your security officers are at any moment and dispatching assistance should they require it. It can alert both you and your guards about the ETA of necessary backup, and let them update you on a situation by the minute. A solo guard can feel greater peace of mind knowing that help is just a few button pushes away, or may even be dispatched automatically should certain criteria on the mobile hardware unit occur (for instance a fall or cessation of movement).

How Can You Be Assured You’re Getting the Right Security Patrol Monitoring Software?

By choosing UniGuard for your patrol monitoring software needs, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting a quality product. Our combination of hardware and software is built in-house and designed to integrate. You won’t have to worry about components not being compatible because we’ve made certain that they are in advance. The powerful tools that our patrol monitor software offers will give you all the information you need to enhance your performance and improve your bottom line. When you’re ready to upgrade your security officers, take a look at the impressive features that we have to offer, and let us know if you require additional details on their functionality.

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