Bring Your Security Guard System into the 21st Century with Patrol Logging Systems from UniGuard

With the rapid pace of technological change and advancement in the world today, “modernisation” is a task that never seems to be complete. Instead, it’s a matter of trying to stay on top of the latest trends and understanding the best way to incorporate new information into your practices. In the realm of security, that’s true now more than ever. Technology can enable a massive amount of automation and overall improvement in the guard patrol services your business offers to other firms. With UniGuard’s products on your side, you’ll be able to experience the giant leap ahead an advanced security guard patrol system can provide.

From tracking the exact time a guard tags a security checkpoint on their patrol route to generating incident reports, UniGuard’s software solutions provide immense convenience to operators everywhere. These systems allow you to remain on top and “in the know” at all times. By extension, you will be able to offer your clients a greater peace of mind through demonstrations of your improved efficiency. UniGuard provides a variety of hardware solutions with excellent benefits as well. Why not bring some advancements to your guard patrol systems now? Consider a few of the unique hardware options UniGuard provides which enable you to expand your security services.

Elegant hardware and software solutions for modern guard patrol systems

In addition to our robust software for logging, reporting, and tracking security guard patrols, we provide a number of hardware choices for recording all that data. Each is well suited to its particular application. These include:

The Robust Recorder: The best multi-use, multi-purpose data recorder out there regarding versatility and survivability. Capable of storing thousands of records and lasting for years on a single battery charge, these devices can be the workhorse of your attendance logging needs. Compatible with all iButton checkpoints, it can easily slot into an existing solution.

Our UniGuard ValuMate is the best choice for less demanding patrol routes. Lightweight, easy to carry, and still capable of incredible operation. Battery life extends out to approximately a year and a half, with additional capacity available. For smaller security services or less frequent patrols, this makes an excellent choice.

Finally, the UniGuard GPRS system is perfect for instant real-time logging of operations. For those who want to be on the cutting edge, this is the way to go. Firms with large operations, expansive employee rosters, and heavy security demands, this hardware is the best fit.

Reach out to our team to discuss these benefits and more

These are just a few choices. Keeping up with the pace of technological change might be difficult sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge in the security sector. Instead, with the help of UniGuard’s high quality hardware and software solutions, you can improve client confidence, employee compliance, and overall productivity. These versatile security guard patrol systems can adapt to a wide variety of locations and scenarios, providing broad options for customisability. We look forward to leveraging our experience of nearly twenty years to bring you the toughest and most versatile guard patrol system in the industry.

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