Upgrading Your Security Guard Patrol Software Can Solve Unique Challenges

You might be wedded to the old gear that you’re using for your security team, but there are a variety of reasons that updating your security guard patrol software would be of benefit to you and your workers. You might think it’s just a phase, but the technological age is here to stay, and with it comes a need to adapt to changing times and conditions. Not just that, upgrading your patrol software will have tangible effects on your bottom line. It’s not an issue to take lightly in the slightest.

How Can Upgrading Security Patrol Software Help?

It can help you spend your money much more efficiently. Using older guard patrol software costs you more time, which costs you more money. Updated systems can be used with much greater ease, and therefore be used at a reduced cost. It’s not just that, however. Newer technology is not as expensive as you may have feared and will save you more and more money as time passes.

Once you start to use the improved features on newer security patrol software, you will begin to recognise holes in your game that weren’t readily apparent to you when you were staring at obscure pen and paper logs to analyse your information. The powerful digital interfaces, real-time dashboards, and detailed maps provided by modern software will enable you to see things in a new light and vastly improve both the efficiency of your team and the bottom line for your company.

The monetary benefits don’t end there. Clients will see the changes you’ve made to your outfit and be impressed. They’ll be clamouring to work with a security team that is making use of the best practices and best technology in the industry, and be more likely to make a recommendation to other businesses that require security services if they believe your team is transparent and accountable.

These aren’t the only advantages, mind you. Think about how slow communicating and collecting data is on an old system. An upgrade in your patrol software means an upgrade to real-time. That means as things happen, you can stay abreast of them. If something needs correcting, you can fix it on the fly. Being able to respond quickly to changing conditions is an attribute that gives you an advantage in performance and is highly sought after by just about any client.

Furthermore, it will give you a leg up on planning patrols, reporting incidents, tracking attendance, dispatch, and keeping your workers safe. How could one say no to such a powerful array of features?

Where to Get the Best in Security Patrol Software

The obvious choice is UniGuard. We’ve been providing solutions for 20 years. We’ve seen the industry morph, and we’ve kept pace with it throughout all of the pertinent changes. Our solutions are high quality and built for toughness. The fact that our systems are all designed in-house means that the hardware and software portions of our security guard systems work together flawlessly. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading, feel free to take a look at our products, and drop us a line if you need more information.

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