Complete Employee Management Dashboard

Offering flexibility combined with functionality, the UniGuard X Dashboard is the all-in-one solution to your employee tracking needs.

Ipad Map - Live Tracking
UniGuard Live GPS Tracking & Mobile

Location Tracking

Keep track of user movements in real time utilising a range of data inputs from NFC and Bluetooth beacons, to GPS tracking to help ensure that everyone is in the right place, at the right time.

Bluetooth & NFC

UniGuard X is compatible with both close range NFC tags and long range Bluetooth beacons to ensure you can capture vital information as efficiently as possible.

uniguard NFC bluetooth beacon RFID checkpoints
UniGuard Task Dispatch Web & Mobile


Create a multi-step, actionable and repeatable process for users to follow on the go. Include as many steps as you need along with photo attachments and user comments.


UniGuard X automatically captures GPS data whenever a user event is submitted allowing you to track in real-time where data is being actioned to ensure location accuracy.

UniGuard Live GPS Tracking
UniGuard Reporting

Activity Log

Users can create a log of activities without relying on hardware by submitting custom events that can include user comments, photos and GPS data to ensure all areas are covered.

Custom Forms

Create as many custom form templates as you need for users to submit on the go! Everything from alarm dockets, incident reports, site audits and more can be captured in real-time.

UniGuard Incident Form Web & Mobile
UniGuard Live SOS Alarm

Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time alerts and notifications via SMS and email for events including man-down alarms, checkpoints scanned, forms submitted, tasks completed and more.

Man-Down Alarms

Users can quickly and easily trigger a man-down alarm directly from their device that will alert dashboard users in real-time, as well as sending a custom message via SMS or email.

UniGuard Live Dashboard Web & Mobile
uniguard GPS live tracking with mobile app

Real-Time Data

Up to the minute activity from users including man-down alarms, completed tasks, submitted forms and more, all displayed at your fingertips via live activity stream or visually via live maps.

Live Maps

Rich location data from submitted events displayed at the users location in real time to ensure a quick and accurate response in emergencies, and accurate location data for important location visits.

UniGuard Live GPS Tracking
UniGuard Virtual Control Centre

Visual Analytics

Experience your reports like never before with super simple layouts and graphs to display your important information in an easy to understand way to ensure your entire team know what’s happening just at glance.

Form Builder

Create as many custom form templates as you need including everything from alarm dockets, incident reports, site audits and more can be captured in real-time, including photos and user signatures.

UniGuard Web & mobile Incident Form
UniGuard Web Dashboard Report & KPI

Scheduled Reports

Quickly and easily schedule all of your reports to be automatically generated by UniGuard X and delivered right to your inbox at your desired time and eliminate manual labour by not having to manually generate analytics.

Easy To Use

UniGuard X has been designed to be super simple and eliminate time consuming practices of the past by providing a clean, modern working environment to help you focus on your business.

uniguard GPS live tracking with mobile app
uniguard web dashboard and hardware integration

Versatile System

UniGuard X has been designed to be used with Android & iOS phones as well as custom built recorders to meet our customers variety of requirements.

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