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Staff Tracking Software

Offering flexibility combined with functionality, UniGuardX is the all-in-one solution to your employee tracking requirements.

UniGuard Live GPS Tracking

GPS Location Tracking

Staff movements are tracked in real time using a combination of checkpoints, beacons and GPS, allowing you to see that everyone is in the right place at the right time. The GPS location is captured every time a user submits information such as a form or photo.

Software and Hardware

UniGuardX is designed to work with Android and iOS smartphones in combination with NFC checkpoints and Bluetooth beacons, as well as custom recorders in combination with RFID checkpoints. UniGuardX also includes virtual checkpoints. This gives you the flexibility to match systems to your needs.

UniGuard X Hardware and Software
UniGuard Web Dashboard Tasks & Mobile App

Custom Forms, Tasks and Checklists

Forms and checklist on the smartphone app can be customised to suit your needs, whether that be activity logs, audits, incident alerts or task checklists. Forms can include user comments or photos and be set to only appear when a task needs to be completed.

Real-Time Data Alerts

Whenever a checkpoint is scanned, form submitted, task completed or an incident occurs, an alert can be sent in real time to the web dashboard for viewing by the supervisor. For more serious situations a notification can be set up to be sent via an SMS or email.

UniGuard Live SOS Alarm
UniGuard Dashboard Activity and Mobile App

Call-Back Request

Staff can quickly and easily trigger a call-back request directly from their smartphone. Doing so will send an alert to a supervisor via the UniGuardX web dashboard. Alerts can also be set up to send a custom message via an SMS or email.

Maps and Data Analytics

Staff performance can be viewed using the live map and visual analytics features allowing managers to dynamically response to workforce issues. Live maps present staff locations, incidents and events, while tables and graphs visualise trends over time.

UniGuard X maps and analytics
UniGuard Web Dashboard Report & KPI

Scheduled Reports

UniGuardX features a variety of reports suitable for different needs including Activity Log, Checkpoint Exception, Forms, Alarms, Time and Rotation, and Geofence. Reports can be scheduled to be automatically generated and emailed to either you or your client.

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