Sensors That Take Your Business Further

Our UniSense IoT range give added value by allowing you to remotely monitor the environment in which your staff operate.

people walking

People Counting Sensor

View the foot traffic passing through areas that require regular cleaning in real-time, such as the entry points to amenities like toilets, and food courts. Accurate monitoring of the usage of amenities allows you to better schedule and optimise cleaning services making them more cost effective and efficient. Improved hygiene standards allows for greater user satisfaction.

Bin Level Sensor

Real-time remote monitoring of bin content helps you to gauge when bins need emptying. As well as making your workforce more efficient, this allows you to verify that bins are being emptied and assists you to track rubbish levels over time, enabling better bin placement. Less overflowing bins means less complaints from the public. The sensor also allow you to know if someone has attempted to remove or damage the bin.


Looking for the Perfect All-in-One?

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