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UniGuard Robust Recorders

The security industry has relied on our Robust staff tracking recorders for over two decades, and UniGuard has delivered.

UniGuard robust recorder


The tried and trusted recorder in the UniGuard range. Robust recorders have been designed in stainless steel for the demands and heavy handling of the security industry. From being run over by trucks, submerged in the ocean or dropped off skyscrapers, the Robust recorder can take it all and keep on working.


The Robust Supervisor builds on all the features of the standard Robust recorder to offer a solution for remote sites. The Robust Supervisor can act as an indestructible temporary storage device, allowing data from other Robust recorders to be downloaded and stored within the Supervisor recorder.

UniGuard robust supervisor recorder
UniGuard valumate recorder

ValuMate 2

The ValuMate is a lightweight version of the Robust recorder with many of the features of the Robust. Designed to be water and shock resistant, the battery is guaranteed to last up to 18 months. If longer battery life is required, the ValuMate Long Life can perform for up to 6 years without charging.


A must have accessory to accompany the Robust and ValuMate recorders. The Downloader connects to any PC with the UniGuard software. When a Robust or ValuMate recorder is put into the Downloader, data from the recorder can then be transferred to the computer for reporting and analysis.

UniGuard robust downloader

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