Track Staff
in Real Time

The UniGuard real-time platform performs updates to every checkpoint scanned as events happen. Our recorders are custom built to meet industry standards for ease of use.

UniGuard real-time recorder

Long Range RFID

Using contactless RFID technology, our Long Range recorder offers the flexibility of either short-range checkpoints or long-range beacons, allowing the system to operate effectively both outdoors and in confined spaces. Checkpoints are discrete and weather-proof. Beacons can connect with the recorder at 4 different ranges up to 40m.


Combining GPS with RFID, the GPS recorder allows for real-time staff tracking between locations. Durable short-range checkpoints can be used for accurate location tracking in and around buildings. Additional to this, the GPS allows for accurate tracking in any location where satellite connection is available.

UniGuard real-time recorder
UniGuard real-time recorder


Our real-time iButton recorder offers real-time functionality with backward compatibility for companies wanting to upgrade from older robust systems without the need to replace iButton checkpoints. Staff location are uploaded every time the recorder connects with an iButton checkpoint instead of being downloaded at the end of a shift.

Battery Extension

When recorders are used more often, the standard battery life can be extended with our double battery extension. This allows for up to two and a half days between charging, more than a full working shift. All real-time recorders can be re-configured to take a dual battery if required.

UniGuard real-time recorder

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