Track Staff in Real Time

The UniGuard real-time platform performs updates to every checkpoint scanned as events happen. Our recorders are custom built to meet industry standards for ease of use.


4G Compatible

The UniGuard real-time units operate over the 4G cellular GSM networks, allowing data to be transferred in real time anywhere in Australia with 4G coverage.

Custom-Built Technology

Real-time recorders have been purpose-built to industry requirements, incorporating all the features staff need to do their job, without any of the distraction found with smartphone devices.


Recorders are IP67 rated being both water and dust resistant. This means they can be easily handled by workers like cleaners and guards while performing duties without damage.

Contactless RFID

Works with short-range passive RFID checkpoints at a range of 3-5cm, enabling staff to swipe to register their presence. Short-range operates on a different frequency to Wi-Fi and BLE This allows for accurate and consistent positioning in confined spaces.

Remote Detection

Registers the presence of active RFID beacons without swiping keeping staff hands free for other work. Active checkpoints are discrete and weather-proof and can connect with the recorder at 4 different ranges up to 40m.

Inbuilt Memory

Holds up to 60,000 patrol records, so data is not lost if the device is out of 4G range. The device has been specially designed to be compatible with the UniGuard software.

Special Features

LED, LCD, voice and vibration feedback let the user to know when the recorder is on and working correctly. Safety and efficiency features include a built-in duress button.

Looking for the Perfect All-in-One?

Talk to the UniGuard team about a combined solution that incorporates all your requirements.