Track, View and Talk

An all-in-one solution combining a
PTT radio, body camera and staff tracking


Live Stream Camera

The UG-500 is a high-resolution body worn camera is capable of simultaneous live streaming and recording data internally for later retrieval. Equipped with infrared LEDs for night vision and audio recording for liability.

Innovative Radio

Push-to-talk radio offers the functionality of two-way radio with the convenience of the cellular system. A simple push of a button enables communication across the country without the need for standard radio infrastructure.

GPS Tracking

Live fleet tracking is made simple using a built-in GPS that accesses GPS, BD, GALILEO, GLONASS satellites. Dashboard features include tracking history and geofencing.

Remote Monitoring

All video streams are recorded to the cloud, where the dashboard is simple and intuitive to use. Providing a range of features to view and interact with staff allows remote video surveillance assistance.

Lone Worker Protection

A dedicated request call-back button allows for quick access in difficult situations. When held down for 3 seconds an alert is sent to the dispatcher and other units. The microphone stays active for hands free communication.

Built for Endurance

The device is capable of working for a full shift with 64 hours of video recordings, and a working battery time of 8 hours which can be extended with the spare battery without switching off the device.

More Features

The device is easy to use with simple touch screen display. Added features include a digital compass with Wi-Fi, Cellular, BLE, NFC connectability.

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