UniGuard X Staff Tracking Mobile Application

Whether you use Android or iOS, UniGuard X is a simple and easy to use mobile app for scanning checkpoints, submitting forms, taking photos and much more

uniguard mobile app with incident form and GPS live tracking

Simple and Easy to Use

UniGuard X has been designed to be simple and user friendly for both beginners and advanced users.

Real-Time Data

UniGuard X uploads data in real-time so you have all the latest information at your fingertips. No more downloading!

GPS Location Data

When users submit a checkpoint scan, form, task or other activity, the GPS location data is automatically collected for attendance verification.

Custom Form Templates

Quickly and easily design form templates for incident reports, medical checks, site inspections and much more.

Task and Reminders

Have a job that needs to be completed? Set a task for your staff to complete while on shift, including comments and photo attachments.

Request Call-Back

Provide staff fast access to a call-back request button built in to every UniGuard X application. Pressing the button can also send an SMS and email alert to one or more recipients.

Scheduled Reporting

No need to waste time generating reports yourself, easily schedule them to be delivered to you and your clients whenever you need them.

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Available on the web, iOS, Android as well as dedicated hardware devices.