Hand-Held Radios

Push-to-talk radio technology is a revolution in two-way radio transmissions, operating over the cellular networks to enable easy cross-country communications.


Push-to-talk (PTT), alternatively called press-to-transmit is a revolution in two-way radio communications that allow users to communicate long distances at the press of a button. Utilising the cellular phone data networks, PTT does not require ACMA spectrum licences and can be easily move to different locations and operational groups across the country.

Additionally, the UniGuard PTT system combines the best features of both conventional two-way radio and mobile phones creating a convenient and functional system. Features included in all radios:

Group symbol

Group Calls

Users can make calls to pre-programmed groups that allows them to talk to all the members of the group. Multiple groups can be created and assigned to a radio, with a designated primary group selected.

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Private Calls

Calls can also be made between two individual radios or between the dispatcher and a designated radio.

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The position of the radio is calculated and reported to the dispatcher every 60 seconds. The GPS status is also displayed on the radio.

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Radio Stun

If a radio is suspected of being stolen or abused then the unit can be deactivated temporarily by the dispatcher.

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The UniGuard PTT system is enabled with full over-air re-programming of the radios.

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Radios can be charged using a drop in desktop charger or micro-USB from any 5 volt USB port.

UG308 Push-to-Talk Hand-Held Radio

UG 308 Hand-Held Radio

A small radio, packed with features, the UG 308 weighs only 225g. Simple to use, with 2 quick select keys for group and private calls. The large backlit LCD displays broadcaster ID, group, signal strength, battery level and GPS acquisition. The 3000 mAh Li-ion battery is charged using a USB or drop-in desktop charger.

UG 388 Hand-Held Radio

The UG 388 has a colour display and menu enabled functionality, the radio also has 4 quick select programmable function keys which can be used for group and private calls. Features include request call-back and text messaging between the dispatcher and radio. The compact UG 388 offers extended battery life of over 2 days with a 5200mAh Li-ion battery.

UG388 Push-to-Talk Hand-Held Radio
UG680 Push-to-Talk Hand-Held Radio

UG 680 Hand-Held Radio

When you need the ability to use UHF and CB but would also like the convenience of PTT features then the UG 680 is the ideal radio. Along with PTT over the cellular system, the radio can also switch to UHF with 40 pre-programmable UHF channels, 80 channel UHF CB, and 78 user programmable receive only channels. The UG 680 offers features the other radios have such as text messaging and GPS tracking. This gives you the ability to talk over your private network or local open networks.

UG 682 Hand-Held Radio

The latest in the hand-held range includes all the features of other units, comes with new features such as an easy to use and configure colour interface and 6 programmable keys. With enhanced sound quality, both the speaker and microphone can be adjusted, and conversations can be recorded to the device. The wide area coverage connects to the Telstra 3G, 4G and 4GX cellular networks.

UG682 Push-to-Talk Hand-Held Radio
Push-to-Talk Hand-Held Radio Accessories


A variety of accessories are available for added useability and durability, including:
• Detachable speaker mic for the UG 308, UG 388, UG 680 and UG 682
• Nylon case for the UG 308 and UG 388
• Leather case for the UG 308, UG 388, UG 680 and UG 682
• Antenna for the UG 388 and UG 682

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