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GPS Tracker

GPS tracking software to help boost productivity and customer service while reducing asset loss

Boasting real-time global employee and asset tracking, the UniGuard GPS tracker is jam-packed with powerful features designed to boost productivity, customer service, and security – such as location history, automated reporting, geofencing, and much more.

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Daily Travel History

By having a daily snapshot of your employee’s travel journey, you can discover more optimal routes, avoid potential overlaps, and speed up overall delivery times. Your clients and customers will be impressed by your faster delivery times.

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Real-Time Staff and Asset Tracking

Relax knowing your staff and assets are in the right place, at the right time – every time. With the easy to use map, you can follow their every move with up-to-the-minute precision. Plan and follow their route. Plot their checkpoints. And ensure they reach their destination safely, on time – all without interrupting the driver.

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Easy to Implement

Compatible with all Apple and Android devices, plus tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. It’s easy to sync up multiple devices with each other. So you and the whole team can stay connected anytime, anywhere.

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Automated Service and Maintenance Reports

Keep your fleet running smoothly and reliably, without having to remember to book in a service. You can decide to receive a service reminder based on either odometer readings, running hours, or time intervals. This way, you save money and avoid costly breakdowns.

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Protect Your Staff and Assets

By setting up a virtual boundary around your employees or fleet, you’ll be instantly notified when they either leave or enter the zone. This will help you take swift and positive action in response.

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