ValuTrack GPS Asset Trackers

Built with the user in mind, the UniGuard GPS trackers
are as varied with features as your working requirements


A Durable Companion

Compact and built rugged with UV and IP67 dust and water resistance rating. Up to 7 years life for battery operated devices, with inbuild battery for powered devices.

Wide Coverage

Operates on both the GPS and GLONASS satellite systems providing greater coverage. The Iridium App can be added to the GX7 enabling transmission through the cellular system for uninterrupted operation.

Data Transfer & Storage

All our devices have an onboard memory that can store over 50,000 records, with 2 hours backup memory in the event of a power failure. Data is transferred in real time for up to the minute monitoring.

Packed With Features

Features include location tracking, geofencing, vehicle operation and performance, harsh driving and accident reporting. The GX7 offers remote ignition immobilisation.

Find the Best GPS asset tracker for you needs

The UniGuard team can talk you through all your options to create the best solution for your business.