Car-Mounted Radios

All the Features of the Push-to-Talk (PTT) revolution in a car-mounted radio.


Allowing users to communicate across the country at the simple push of a button, push-to-talk radio is a revolution in two-way communications. PTT utilises the mobile cellular phone data networks, and so doesn’t require ACMA spectrum licences. This makes the radios easy to move to different locations and operational groups across the country.

The UniGuard PTT system brings together the best aspects of both conventional two-way radio and smartphones creating a system that is both convenient and functional. All radios include the following features:

Group symbol

Group Calls

Calls can be made to pre-programmed groups allowing users to talk to all the members of the group. Multiple groups can be created and assigned to each radio. For ease of use, a designated primary group is also set.

Person symbol

Private Calls

In addition to groups, calls can be made between an individual radio and the dispatcher or between two radios.

GPS symbol


Radios can be tracked using the in-built GPS that calculates and reports the position to the dispatcher every 60 seconds. The GPS status is also displayed on the radio.

Stop symbol

Radio Stun

When a radio is suspected of being abused or stolen the dispatcher can temporarily deactivate the device.

Computer symbol


The UniGuard PTT system is capable of full over-air radio re-programming.

Charging cable symbol


Devices can be charged using a micro-USB from any 5 volt USB port.

UG300 Push-to-Talk Car-Mounted Radio

UG 300 Car-Mounted Radio

The UG 300 is a compact fixed mount radio built to fit either under or within the dashboard. Alternatively, the reversible LCD display allows the radio to be adapted to fit an overhead console. Features include a heavy-duty microphone, ignition sense switch, auto display dim, GPS receiver, 12 to 24 volt supply, GPS and 850Mhz antennas.

UG 990 Car-Mounted Radio

A larger version of the UG 300, the UG 990 has all the features and a few more in a robust case. Enhanced sound quality is achieved with a large front speaker, with both the speaker and microphone volumes adjustable. The volume control can also be locked to prevent unintentional changes. The large LCD display is also adjustable and easy to navigate. Other features include, audio recording, group monitoring and connectivity to Telstra 3G, 4G and 4GX networks.

UG990 Push-to-Talk Car-Mounted Radio
Push-to-Talk Car-Mounted Radio Accessories


A variety of accessories are available for added useability including:
• Keypad microphone for the UG 990
• Extension speaker for the UG 300 and UG 990

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