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Staff Time
Attendance System

Custom made staff attendance verification recorders, built tough to industry standards.

4G real-time recorder


Up-to-the-minute information

Robust recorder


Bullet proof

Staff Attendance Box


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Rely on Our Custom-Made Time and Attendance Systems

For reliable staff attendance records and verification, consider UniGuard’s time and attendance systems.

Our state-of-the-art real-time attendance verification recorders:


  • Monitor staff in real-time: The UniGuard real-time platform updates as events happen every time a checkpoint is scanned. In addition, our recorders are custom-built to meet industry standards for ease of use.
  • Are 4G compatible: The UniGuard real-time units operate over the 4G cellular GSM networks, transferring data in real-time anywhere in Australia with 4G coverage.
  • Use custom-built technology: Real-time recorders are purpose-built to industry requirements, incorporating all the features staff need to do their job without distractions from smartphone devices.
  • Are durable: Our custom-made staff attendance verification recorders are built tough to industry standards. The recorders are IP67-rated and water and dust-resistant. This resilience means that workers such as cleaners and guards can easily handle them without damage while on duty.
  • Are tamper-proof: Our built-to-purpose technology prevents staff from adjusting the settings or spoofing a checkpoint to fake a visit’s time or location.
  • Offer contactless RFID: Our recorders work with short-range passive RFID checkpoints at 3-5cm, enabling staff to register their presence by swiping. Short-range operates on a different frequency to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth BLE, with the range allowing accurate and consistent positioning in confined spaces.
  • Include in-built memory: The device stores up to 60 000 patrol records, retaining data even when the device is out of 4G range. In addition, we’ve specifically designed it for compatibility with the UniGuard software.
  • Offer remote detection: The recorders register the presence of active RFID beacons without swiping, keeping staff hands free for other work. In addition, active checkpoints are discrete and weather-proof and can connect with the recorder at four different ranges up to 70m and over if required.
  • Allow phone calls: The built-in phone feature negates the need for a separate phone while limiting calls to only essential communication between staff and supervisors.
  • Include call-back request: Safety and efficiency are provided with a built-in call-back request button, allowing staff to request help in difficult situations.
  • Include special features: LED, LCD, voice and vibration feedback let the user know when the recorder is on and working correctly without needing constant device monitoring.

So, for accurate and convenient attendance validation, rely on the original workhorse of the UniGuard range.

Why Rely on Our Tried and True Robust Staff Attendance Software and Systems?

The security industry has relied on UniGuard’s Robust staff tracking recorders for over two decades, and UniGuard has delivered a range of effective solutions, including our: 

  • Robust recorder: We’ve designed and manufactured our tried and trusted Robust UniGuard recorder in stainless steel for security industry demands and heavy handling. The device can withstand it all and keep working, from being submerged in water, run over by heavy vehicles, or dropped from heights.
  • Robust supervisor: The Robust Supervisor builds on all the standard recorder features, offering a reliable remote site solution. In addition, our Robust Supervisor can act as an indestructible temporary storage device, allowing the download and storage of other Robust recorder data within the Supervisor device.
  • ValuMate 2: The ValuMate is a lightweight version of the Robust recorder boasting many of the same features. In addition, beyond being water and shock-resistant, battery life is guaranteed for up to 18 months.
  • Downloader: The Downloader is a must-have Robust and ValuMate recorder accessory, connecting to any PC with the UniGuard software. Place your Robust or ValuMate recorder into the Downloader to transfer data to your computer for reporting and analysis.
  • Monitor and control attendance: The system provides a simple way of knowing when someone has entered or exited the workplace.
  • Staff attendance box: The attendance box uses RFID technology to monitor remotely and in real-time when employees enter or leave a work location. You can monitor at the start and end of a shift or when staff move between different work areas. In addition, the box comes in two sizes and colours and is easy to install and use. 
  • Plastic RFID tags: Among three staff registration options, our small RFID tags allow contactless interaction by swiping the tag past the box. These tags are small, lightweight, durable, and weather-proof, fitting easily onto a keychain.
  • Long-range active pendant: This wearable, long-range pendant device allows attendance registration without swiping by automatically transmitting a signal to the wall attendance box when the employee is in range. In addition, the pendant is light and easily clipped onto a belt.
  • Wearable ID bracelet: Should a wearable option be more convenient for staff, our waterproof and shock-resistant ID bracelets are made from a flexible, durable compound. Choose between RFID or NFC and several sizes and colours. We can also print the bracelets with your logo offering a cost-effective dual-purpose device.

So, trust UniGuard: providing businesses with all-in-one staff attendance and compliance for over 20 years, helping improve workforce efficiency, contract compliance, workplace safety, and cost-effectiveness.

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