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Staff Attendance Recorder

A simple way of knowing when someone has entered or exited the workplace.

UniGuard staff attendance clock in lock out box

Staff Attendance Box

The attendance box uses RFID technology to monitor remotely and in real-time when employees enter or leave a work location. This can either be at the start and end of a shift, or when staff move between different areas of the workplace. The box is easy to install and use, coming in two different colours and sizes.

Plastic RFID Tags

There are 3 options available for staff to register moving in or out of a work location. Our small RFID tags allow contactless interaction with the staff attendance box by swiping the tag past the box. Tags are small, lightweight, durable and weather-proof and easily fit on a keychain.

UniGuard wearable tags
UniGuard wearable pendant

Long Range Active Pendant

If you require employee attendance to be registered without swiping, then this can be achieved by using the wearable long-range pendant. The pendant transmits a signal to the wall attendance box without any action needing to be taken by the employee. Instead the employee only has to be in range. Pendant is light and can easily be clipped onto a belt.

Wearable ID Bracelet

At times, a totally wearable option is more convenient for staff. Made from a flexible and durable compound, our ID bracelets are waterproof and shock-resistant. With a choice of RFID or NFC, the bracelets are available in several sizes and colours. The bracelets can also be printed with your logo.

UniGuard wearable wristband

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