Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Deltonic Pty Ltd, trading as UniGuard, understand and value the customers rights to privacy. UniGuard do not collect data that is not required for the smooth operation of applications and services. By using UniGuard products and services, you accept the terms of use outlined in this privacy policy. Applications are distributed as they are and UniGuard are not responsible for damages caused by their use. We undertake to protect your data against misuse however UniGuard are not liable for damage caused by external influences (for example. a technical glitch or third party intervention), by faulty or insufficient protection (for example, weak passwords, device theft). Should you have any concerns about privacy and the data collected please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to discuss with you.

Data collected by UniGuard

To offer the best experiencing when using UniGuard products and services, UniGuard collect a small amount of personal data that is used for reporting and management purposes including, but not limited to, location tracking, reporting, tasks, KPIs, form submissions, alarms responses, Activity logs and more. UniGuard also collects this information in order to identify users, ensure customer security and software integrity.

This information is only collected in the case you, or an authorised individual, such as your employer whom you have authorised to collect or share data about you voluntarily share this information with UniGuard. You or your employer may refuse to share data with UniGuard at any time, however this may reduce or prevent the effectiveness of products or services.

Information about users and devices including, location, type of device, device type and specifications, anonymous statistics, attitudes and behaviours are collected in order to improve application data to communicate with UniGuard services. This data is needed for the smooth operation of the UniGuard products and services including tasks, forms, tracking, photos, videos and audio recordings made through devices and applications.

How information is collected

Information will be collected in association with you or employers usage of the UniGuard products or services. UniGuard may also receive information from marketing materials including website or email promotions, marketing lists, contractors, business partners and more.

UniGuard also collects data from cookies created by your web browser. Most modern web browsers accept cookies automatically without user intervention and UniGuard recommends this be set by default. You can set your browser to ignore cookies however this may cause interruptions in the services provided by UniGuard.

UniGuard also collects information from third parties including, but not limited to, your use of our website and services (this may include your devices IP address) as well as Google AdWords and Analytics. You can find more details in the privacy policies and opt out options for these third party suppliers by checking their documentation. UniGuard may link to other websites through their own website, however UniGuard is not responsible for the privacy policy and practices of those websites.

If you believe your data has been collected in a way not mentioned in the above documentation, please feel free to reach out to UniGuard and we’ll be happy to discuss with you.

How information is stored and used

UniGuard will retain personal information for as long as you use the UniGuard products and services. Personally identifiable information is removed once you or your employer gives direct consent to terminate use of the service. Personal or legally binding information may be kept after this time if you or your employee have given direct consent to have this information stored for a disclosed amount of time for the purposes of litigation claims. UniGuard do not disclose or sell any personal or legal information under any circumstances, including selling, renting or trading user data to third parties.

When UniGuard may contact you

UniGuard provide reporting and promotional material including account setup and verification emails, promotions on products and services including hardware and software, staff and location analytics and other relevant news and updates. UniGuard provide the option to opt out of these materials via an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email.

Data and server security

UniGuard take security of your data very seriously. UniGuard applications and services are hosted and backed up by Google Cloud servers in Australia, Asia and America. For more information on the specific data privacy and security policies, please see the documentation for the above suppliers.

UniGuard reserve the right to change

UniGuard is a growing and responsive company. At any stage we reserve the right to change or update this policy statement to better inform UniGuard users on how their data is captured and stored. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy statement or wish to make changes to your personal data stored with us, please get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Ownership and rights

Services and applications remain the property of UniGuard at all times and may not be distributed outside the official channels (UniGuard website, Apple App Store, Google Play Store) at any time without direct consent of UniGuard. Third parties may distribute links to UniGuard services and application only through official distribution channels. UniGuard also prohibit the use of imagery or video materials showing the use or operation of applications without direct consent given by UniGuard.

App usage and special permissions

UniGuard use specific functions and commands within applications to ensure smooth operation. These commands include, but are not limited too, BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN, where the application can be enabled as an Android Device Admin and temporary disable uninstallation of the app. Only users nominated as a UniGuard account administrator with access to the UniGuard web management dashboard (with correct permissions) can choose whether the app is activated in this way.

Contact details

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