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UniGuard White Paper

A more in-depth analysis of issues that affect our industry


In a world that is becoming increasingly difficult for a business to operate successfully, it is more important than ever for managers to have all the information they can to get an edge over the competition.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, UniGuard is in a unique position to offer an in-depth background analysis of issues of major concern to business within our current climate.

The Solution to Cheaper Public Liability Insurance for Cleaning and Building Services

UniGuard white paper

This White Paper examines the challenges and risks faced by the Cleaning and Building Services industries when providing a clean and safe environment for the general public.

The causes of risks within these environments are highlighted followed by an exploration of the potential solutions. Armed with the right knowledge, a business can not only provide a safer and more efficient working environment for their own staff, but also mitigate the financial risk that can arise from someone being injured.

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