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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find what you're looking for about UniGuard here, please contact our team for assistance on 02 9671 7777.


From general questions to more technical details regarding operation and data security, UniGuard have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions from customers.

Working With UniGuard

Who owns UniGuard?

UniGuard is a privately own company with no affiliation with any other business. We are not owned by shareholders or other businesses within the security or cleaning industry. This means that your data is safe from your competitors, unlike many other businesses who offer staff performance monitoring systems.

How long has UniGuard been in business?

UniGuard has been in business for over 20 years. We are not a start-up simply aiming to “disrupt” the market to make a quick and easy dollar and leave. We have experience working within the Australian industry innovating and supplying attendance tracking for two decades. Other businesses claim to have done the same, when in reality they offered completely different services until recently.

Do you have customer support in Australia?

Yes, as an Australian owned company we have local Australian support staff that understand the Australian industry.

How long does it take for my hardware to be serviced?

UniGuard hardware is serviced in our Sydney office, generally with a 1 to 2 day turn around, plus postage times.

What am I getting for my money?

The best value employee management system on the market, along with local support and servicing.

UniGuard Uses

Does UniGuard help me meet legal compliance requirements?

Yes, UniGuardX conforms with the ASIAL Mobile Patrol Code of Practice, SLED requirements for static guarding and cleaning rotation proof of service for personal injury claims.

I’m interested in using a system like yours but can’t find anything on your website about my industry?

That’s not a problem. Although we work with the security and cleaning industries, we have many customers outside of these industries as well. We are happy to work with you to get your needs met. Please contact our team to find out more.

Can UniGuard be used for waste management?

Yes, UniGuard is used for this purpose. Councils use UniGuard to monitor the bins and toilets throughout their local area. Not only does UniGuardX allow managers know when bins are emptied, information about damage or any other issues can also be recorded.

Can UniGuard be customised to my business needs?

UniGuard has developed custom solutions for our valued customers in the past. If you are interested in a custom solution, this is something we’d love to discuss with you.

Can I have my logo branding on UniGuardX?

Yes, UniGuardX allows you to change the colour branding on the screen and add your company logo.

Data and Privacy

Where is my data stored when I use UniGuard?

UniGuard proudly partner with Google Cloud to provide a full managed, fast, reliable and secure software service hosted in Sydney, Australia. To learn more about data storage and who has access to the data, please refer to the UniGuard Privacy Policy.

Am I able to manage and configure my own data at any time?

Absolutely. If your user profile enables you to access the UniGuard management console, you’ll be able to login and manage your data at any time.

How can I access my data?

Data is accessed via the UniGuardX web dashboard. UniGuard meets legal requirements for data storage as we do not place a limit on the time we store data. If you need assistance retrieving archived data, please contact our support team.

How are individual users identified in the system?

Each user can be assigned a unique user profile, allocating an internal ID and username for the user. This will be identified on the UniGuard web dashboard via live maps, activity view as well as online or exported reports.

Can staff have their own login on the system without other staff accessing it?

Yes, at UniGuard we value your privacy, so all staff have their own separate logins that nobody else can access.

Are there any limits to how many users can be tracked?

No. UniGuard will scale to meet your needs, whether this is 5 users or 5,000 users, the system will allow you to track them all.

Setting Up and Using UniGuard

Do I need to install servers on site for UniGuard to work?

No. UniGuard is a fully managed cloud software solution and required no additional server or PC setup on site in order to work as expected.

What are the minimum operating requirements for UniGuard?

For the UniGuard mobile application for Android, we require Android 7 or later, with smartphones compatible with NFC and Bluetooth hardware. For iOS devices, we require an iPhone 7 or later model running iOS 11 or newer.

How do I set up and use my system?

Manuals and guides are available for all our systems, along with training and tailored one-on-one support. If you have any queries about how to set up and use your system fully, please contact UniGuard support.

Do I need to register mobile devices before users can sign in?

No, users do not need to setup or register their phone to login. The application is a free download on the App Store and Google Play. As long as the user has a user profile with mobile access turned on, they will be able to login and start using it.

Will the UniGuard mobile application use a lot of data?

No. The UniGuard application typically uses less than 500Mb per month and will only send small packets of data containing user details and location information. Please note, if users are submitting forms with a lot of photos on a regular basis, this may increase.

UniGuard Checkpoints

I can print my own QR codes, why should I pay for NFC tags?

Yes, it is easy to print your own QR code stickers, the problem is that these stickers can be easily tampered, damaged or copied. It is not uncommon for staff to take a photo of a QR tag to print so they can scan the QR code away from the site at which the original is located. NFC and RFID tags are an inexpensive alternative that cannot be copied, tampered or damaged.

Can I set up my checkpoints myself?

All UniGuard checkpoints come ready to install, however, you will need to work out where you want to put each checkpoint and enter this information into the software. The UniGuard support team can help you with the best way to set up your system.

Are the checkpoints weatherproof?

UniGuard understands that performance monitoring systems needs to work in all sorts of environments. Because of this, all our short-range checkpoints such as NFC tags, passive RFID tags and iButton checkpoints are weatherproof. This is the reasons we don’t supply QR codes. Weatherproof Bluetooth beacons are also available if required.

iButton, RFID or NFC. I already have a system using one of these, will I have to change all my checkpoints?

All of these different types of checkpoints, along with Bluetooth beacons can be used with UniGuard, so you will still be able to use your existing checkpoints as long as you have the right compatible hardware.

What is the difference between RFID and NFC?

NFC is a version of RFID that has been adopted by smartphone companies. This means that NFC and RFID operate in a similar way but are used by different hardware. This is why UniGuard supply both, giving our customers the choice to use either.

Recorders and Other Hardware

What do I do if staff damage the phones or use their phones for other things?

This is why UniGuard also supplies custom-built recorders. All UniGuard attendance recorders are rated at IP-67 or higher, meaning they are water and dust resistant and can withstand knocks and bumps in a way mobile phones can’t. The functionality is also limited to the job at hand and nothing else.

How does UniGuardX work when there is no phone coverage?

When there is no cellular network, data will still be collected by the recording devices and phones and stored until there is cellular signal. Data will then be automatically uploaded to the cloud. You also have the choice to manually upload data if required. Please note, an internet connection will be required in order to login and sync data from the web dashboard.

Do the PTT radios work with my existing CB or digital radio network?

The PTT radios you receive from UniGuard have been set up to work on the cellular network. A gateway is required to work with an existing CB or digital radio network. UniGuard support will help you with the installation and setup of a gateway.

Do Car Trackers need an Electrician to install?

This will depend on the type of tracker. Some of our asset trackers are simple battery powered devices that are easy to set up and install, while others will require professional assistance. It’s best to talk to our technical team to find the right device for your needs.

Any more questions you need answered?

Contact our sales team today and they will happily guide you through the UniGuard system.

(02) 9671 7777