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Case Study

How Can UniGuard Help Improve Business Outcomes?


Assetlink, Leaders in Facilities Services

UniGuard hase achieved particular success in the cleaning industry where we have significantly reduced the cost of insurance by ascertaining regular and timed visits of cleaning staff to high risk areas, such as hospitals, eateries in shopping centres and airports. One such example is Assetlink.

Assetlink is an Australian integrated facilities services provider who service 1,500 customers across the country in a variety of sectors including Government, Resources & Industry, Health & Age Care, Education, Commercial and Retail. The cleaning of shopping centres is one of many services they provide. These locations have open access to the public, which can increase the risk of Assetlink becoming liable if somebody slips and falls due to insufficiently cleaned spills.

Assetlink uses the UniGuard staff tracking system to monitor the progress of their staff throughout the cleaning rotation. This ensures that the shopping centres are cleaned to standard, reducing the change of a slip, trip and fall accident, thus making the centres safer. Additionally, the system provides irrefutable proof that cleaning has occurred within a timeframe deemed acceptable by the Australian courts.

As a result of the UniGuard system, Assetlink has saved millions of dollars on litigation claims and public liability insurance, specifically:

• 57% reduction in litigation claims
• 55% lower than average industry claim
• 60% lower public liability premiums

Additionally, Assetlink has built a strong reputation as a reliable supplier, which has enabled them to grow their business 4 times the size from before they started using UniGuard.

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