New GPS Tracking

UniGuardX can now track staff movement and attendance, on foot or in vehicle, all in real-time from anywhere around the world!

UniGuardX geofencing

Location tracking

A complete birds-eye view of activity and user location with travel path, both on foot or in vehicle, streaming in real-time with a complete searchable history.

GPS tracking schematic
GPS tracking schematic

Geofence zones

Highlight areas of interest from anywhere around the globe and automatically track user entry and exit times, including minimum and maximum visit duration times.


UniGuardX can dispatch real-time notifications for events as they happen via SMS and email.

  • User entry time
  • User exit time
  • Minimum visit time not met
  • Maximum visit time exceeded
  • Visit outside of hours
GPS tracking schematic
GPS tracking schematic


Full record of zone attendance times with automatic time violation highlights. Search by zones, users, devices and more to find just what you need, all exportable to PDF and CSV.

Available for iOS and Android

UniGuardX real-time GPS tracking is available for iOS and Android devices via the official UniGuardX application available on the App Store and Google Play

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