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How Improving Rotation Compliance Can Help You Win Contracts

In Australia in 2020 many businesses are finding themselves in an increasingly difficult environment in which to operate. The list of challenges is long, with some hurdles seemingly impossible to move beyond. In such a situation, the correct advice can make a big difference to whether a business stays viable or not.

For businesses that manage the cleanliness and maintenance of buildings such as shopping centres, hospitals, offices, airports, and any other publicly accessible location, a significant burden is Public Liability Insurance and associate Personal Injury Claims. Insurance costs for such business are rising dramatically every year, with some insurance companies now refusing to insure many businesses. Going without insurance is not an option due to the costs of many Personal Injury Claims, besides insurance is needed to secure contracts.

So, in an increasingly challenging business environment how do such companies protect themselves from these unwanted liabilities?

The best way is to avoid claims and keep insurance cost down is by ensuring that the buildings are cleaned and maintained in way that creates the safest environment that is reasonably possible. This can be achieved through having a comprehensive maintenance and cleaning program which includes training staff on the correct procedures to minimise risks. Unfortunately, this is not always enough, as managers also need to prove that premises have been cleaned and maintained to an appropriate standard. This is where rotation compliance comes in.

Australian courts have mandated that companies show proof that building spaces that are used by the public have been cleaned on an interval of 20 minutes. Some cleaning contracts now require a cleaning interval less than this. Rotation compliance or contract compliance is simply the act of keeping staff to these cleaning schedules and can be achieved using a staff tracking system to monitor and organise when and where cleaning takes place.

More information about how rotation compliance can improve your business outcomes can be found in our white paper “The Solution to Cheaper Public Liability Insurance for Cleaning and Building Services”, which can be accessed here.