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Security guard patrol tour management is a system of planning, organisation, and supervision of security guard patrols, along a route or within a facility. Processes and tools are executed to ensure that security guards carry out their assigned patrols effectively and efficiently.

The main goal of managing a security guard patrol tour is to improve the security and safety of a premises by maintaining a visible security presence to deter potential threats to individuals or the property. Through the implementation of a well-structured patrol system, security guards can monitor and protect the area more effectively, respond promptly to incidents, and provide a sense of security to occupants and visitors. Key aspects are detailed below.

Training and Communication

The correct training is critical for security guards involved in patrol tour management. They should be trained on patrol procedures, emergency response protocols, and the use of any technology or tools such as UniGuardX that are used in the process. Regular communication with supervisors help keep guards informed about any changes or updates in security protocols.

Patrol Planning

Initially a comprehensive plan of the site or route to be patrolled needs to be created. The patrol routes, the frequency and duration of patrols, and the checkpoints or key areas to be covered need to be determined. The plan should be tailored to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of the facility.

Patrol Scheduling

Successful patrol tour management involves instituting a well-defined schedule that outlines when each patrol should take place, the duration of each patrol, and the security officers who should be assigned to each patrol. A reliable tracking system helps guarantee that the facility is consistently protected, and there are no gaps in security coverage.

Checkpoint Locations

Checkpoints need to be placed at important locations where security guards are required visit during their patrols. These checkpoints in the form of NFC tags, RFID tags or Bluetooth beacons should be placed in entrances, exits, or other critical areas. Alternatively, a geofence or virtual checkpoints that relies on GPS can be used. Checkpoints help ensure that guards follow the designated route and complete their patrols as required by the contract.

Real-Time Monitoring

In 2023, patrol tour management systems such as UniGuardX incorporate the latest technology like mobile apps, GPS tracking, and real-time reporting. These tools enable supervisors to monitor the progress of patrols in real-time, making sure that the guards are following the set routes and schedules. It also allows for immediate incident reporting and quick response to emergencies.

Incident Reporting

A part of a security guard’s duty should be to document any incidents or problems they encounter during the patrols. Using the UniGuardX app, this information can be recorded in a custom-made incident report, which includes details such as the time, location, nature of the incident, and any actions taken, photographs and the guard’s signature. Incident reports are an essential tool for maintaining an accurate record of security events and assisting with investigations if needed. Collecting and keeping this information in digital form makes storing and reporting such information easy.

Performance Monitoring

Regular evaluation and feedback is essential for maintaining a high standard of security. UniGuardX makes it easy for supervisors to conduct periodic assessments of patrol performance, reviewing reports, analysing patrol data, and providing constructive feedback to security personnel. This process helps identify areas for improvement and ensures that security guards are effectively fulfilling their duties.

Management and Client Reporting

Using automatically scheduled and generated reports, supervisors can easily keep senior management informed of their operations. For the maintenance of contract, custom reports can also be scheduled to be sent to clients with the important information they need to know, in an easy-to-read format.

Summing Up

Overall, security guard patrol tour management is an essential component of an effective security scheme. By implementing proper planning, using the UniGuardX app, and maintaining regular supervision, organisations can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of security patrols, contributing to a safer and more secure environment for everyone.

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