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Real-time Asset Tracking

See a real-time view of all your assets from all over the globe!

Premium Fleet Tracking System in Australia

At UniGuard we have developed in-house software to help you gain an advantage over your competitors. Our fleet tracking system provides a centralised online dashboard which is the main access point for all your organisational records. Compare this to the older type of administration where you may have relied on using filing cabinets for paper registers and elementary software for performance reporting; the benefits this gives you will help every aspect of your fleet tracking.

Map History View

A Complete History of Asset Movements

Ensure that every point of every trip is recorded and displayed for you via Google Maps!

GPS Fleet Management System

UniGuard has served the GPS fleet management software industry for nearly twenty years and has always stayed at the front of the industry. Our customers in Australia have a need for effective and comprehensive methods for the easy management of their fleet. We have used our extensive knowledge acquired throughout our history in the industry to develop a system of GPS fleet management. This has culminated in our own in-house designed software, at the centre of which is our online dashboard; which is the central hub for all the organisational requirements of your fleet.

Daily Coverage View

Daily Usage Stats to Help Streamline Operations

An instant snapshot of your asset’s daily movements which easily identifies overlap and improves routing efficiency.

At UniGuard we have developed GPS fleet tracking systems that are designed for your convenience. Our detailed reports help cover liability issues and assist you with identifying opportunities for efficiency.


Comprehensive Reporting For All Asset Movements

GPS Fleet Management has never been easier. Our fleet monitoring system comes complete with ready to use templates all of which are fully customisable and schedulable. You can preview reports and download them directly into Excel, PDF and HTML formats. 


Virtual Zones To Track Areas Of Interest

The UniGuard system provides instant address lookup and geofence drawing tools. Set speed limits within a geofence and track entries and exits.


An Alert For Every Eventuality

Select premade alerts with our alert builder, or easily create your own customised alerts to send via SMS or email.
UniGuard’s integrated system allows you a greater level of control over your company’s data while reducing the time and costs spent filing, finding and printing paper records. Our software also allows you to give your clients access to analytical data so that they can perform their own analysis and reporting on your service. This functionality helps you gain a competitive edge by building an excellent working relationship with your clients; this relationship will, in turn, build confidence and trust in your company.

Maintenance Schedules & Reminders

Easy Reminders For Important Service Schedules

Setup vehicle servicing based on odometer readings, run hours or time intervals. Easily display service interval snapshots to track and be reminded of upcoming events, saving your company both time and money.

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