The Best GPS Fleet Tracking System and Software in Australia

Running any business in today’s globalised world is more competitive than ever. With the cost of goods always on the rise, your business must do all it can to minimise costs and maintain a competitive advantage. This is easier said than done as you may have already taken most measures you can think of to maintain your competitive advantage; any further cost cutting will result in reducing the quality of your product. The actual difficulty is balancing cost and quality, and most struggle with the quality part of this problem. As anyone who owns a fleet or facilities business can tell you, a large proportion of expenditure comes from the cost of insurance. Unfortunately, there is no way insurance can be removed as it is an integral part of running your company but there is a way that these costs can be minimised.

At UniGuard we develop GPS fleet tracking systems that can significantly lower the ongoing insurance costs your company has to pay. Our customers find that reducing their average insurance costs puts them in the best position to compete with their competitors in an ever growing industry.

GPS Fleet Tracking in Australia

For nearly 20 years our company has been producing robust GPS fleet tracking solutions supported by our in-house developed software. We offer some of the most robust tracking hardware solutions in the whole of Australia. We believe that we offer some of the most innovative tracking solutions in the market with robust hardware that matches the high quality of our in-house software. We have nearly 20 years’ experience in this field refining our GPS fleet tracking software by using the latest advances in technology to bring you cutting edge solutions, allowing your business to acquire new contracts and deliver to existing ones efficiently.

Outstanding Features to Increase Efficiency

Our systems have a broad range of benefits to you and your company. If you require GPS fleet tracking in Australia, we can help you achieve significant efficiency savings in your administration deployment. Our digital systems allow you to do away with time-consuming manual paper reporting and take advantage of the cutting edge reporting systems available in our latest products. This allows you to gain a unique understanding of fleet performance not available in paper-based methods and as bonus offers live geo-based on GPS location anywhere in Australia.

Many of our customer’s report that accountability within their fleet increases with use of our tracking software. There is a direct increase in motivation within your fleet to help increase efficiency and awareness of liability which results in an overall decrease in insurance costs. Our live interactive web-based dashboard can provide you with real-time GPS tracking with other essential features such as alerts, geofencing and comprehensive reporting. We believe that we have the extensive experience and knowledge to increase the fleet tracking capabilities of your company while saving you time, money and resources.

UniGuard have a GPS Fleet monitoring system available at an affordable price. Our GPS software ensures staff and stock are all accounted. Call us today.