Technology is increasing at its fastest rate in known history allowing us to achieve things that seemed impossible only a generation ago. The information revolution has changed the way we work, communicate and spend our time – both at work and socially. Until relatively recently there has been a high entry barrier to the latest technology, mainly due to financial requirements. With technology becoming more commonplace the associated know-how and cost is reducing all the time, yet some companies still seem to stick to older techniques like paper-based administration and data management. It can be daunting for businesses to upgrade all their systems to use the latest cutting edge software for many reasons.

There are concerns that staff retraining costs will be high because of the complexity of the new technology. There is the associated setup costs and ongoing maintenance costs. There is also a school of thought that suggests ‘if it isn’t broken, why to fix it?’. All of these contribute to the reluctance of some firms in Australia to improve their workflows, but it can be easily overcome. UniGuard provides a simple solution to present and collect all your organisational data in an easy to use and central online dashboard. All of the above concerns are reduced by using our systems.

GPS Fleet Management Software

UniGuard has served the GPS fleet management software industry for nearly twenty years and has picked up many the tools of the trade in that time. Our customers in Australia have a need for simple, effective and comprehensive methods for the management of their fleet. We have used our extensive knowledge acquired throughout our history to develop a system of GPS fleet management. This has culminated in our own in-house designed software, at the centre of which is the online dashboard. It is the central hub for all the organisational requirements of your fleet and has many features which will save your company time and money.

Unique Real-Time Dashboard

To make the most of the 21st-century technology we have developed an ingenious solution to the inefficiency of older organisation and reporting techniques such as paper administration. Our GPS fleet management system provides you with an online dashboard which is the hub where all your organisational data is accessed. This provides several advantages such as real-time location using GPS for tracking, the collection of data for reporting and performance data for analysis. The extra benefit of this is that it is accessible via any tablet or computer giving your company the flexibility to work using the equipment you need. Also, there is an increase in efficiency by reducing the amount of different software you use, for instance, various programs used to perform the reporting and GPS service, etc.

Our standalone solution offers reduced conflict and increased integration which helps reduce system lag giving you the opportunity to have up to the minute information, helping you to make informed decisions and improve productivity throughout your fleet. If you require GPS fleet management in Australia, UniGuard can provide the perfect solution for your business.

It can be a huge problem to optimise the workflow in any business. Having paper records used to be the gold standard for data collection as it is viewed as a cheap and convenient way to store your data. Many fleet management companies are seeing that these methods are having diminishing returns in modern times. As more data is collected, there is an increased pressure on the space that comes with having more and more records. This increases the administrative load on your company as the amount of time spent organising the files grows exponentially as your paper records multiply. It contributes to having to spend more time and effort on staffing in Australia with the increased chance of data loss. Additionally, it is becoming far less convenient to do reporting once the data has been painstakingly gleaned from your paper records.

There are alternatives available to your fleet company that use the latest in modern technology. UniGuard can provide a fleet management system which will rid your business of the old style reporting inefficiencies, allowing you to spend more time to grow your business and more money to invest in it.

Fleet Management Australia

Imagine if you could have all your fleet data ready at anytime and anywhere, all at your fingertips. No more having to retrieve paper records and use outdated software to provide basic reports. Our fleet management system in Australia gives you all the tools a modern fleet company requires for a variety of different tasks. One of the key features of our management software is the introduction of automation. For instance, our online system can be set up to do reporting automatically allowing for significant savings in administration time.

Without having to lift a finger, our system can send you or your clients’ reports on many different organisational aspects from your company, from staff rotating compliance, incident reports and missed visits – our system does it all. UniGuard provides management solutions via an online dashboard so that our customers are not tied to specific equipment; you can use any tablet or personal computer with internet access to get to your data whenever you need it.

Other Key Features

We take the greatest pride in offering some of the best solutions for fleet management in Australia. Incorporating GPS into our products allows our customers the most flexibility in tracking their fleet operation. By integrating this technology into our online dashboard, we provide on the fly data updates which gives you the opportunity to make the most informed decisions about your operation, leaving you with time to concentrate on other aspects that are important to your business.

With nearly two decades of history in our market in Australia, we think we have refined our systems to be as efficient as they can be without an exorbitant financial outlay. We always strive to include the latest technology in our products so that our customers are always one step ahead of their competition (which is becoming an ever growing concern in more recent times).

UniGuard have a GPS Fleet monitoring system available at an affordable price. Our GPS software ensures staff and stock are all accounted. Contact us today.