Improve Accountability with UniGuard’s Online Employee Monitoring Software System

The pattern begins quietly – a few late arrivals, an occasional missed checkpoint. An employee seems to suffer from poor time management skills. The instances are infrequent enough, however, to cause you no concern. This begins to change as the month’s paperwork finally arrives, flooding your desk with reports of tardiness, laziness, and a lack of accountability. He’s left a path of discontent in his wake, sparking outrage from clients and fellow workers alike; and you didn’t notice because of your company’s limited manual capabilities.

UniGuard thinks it’s time for an alternative strategy. That is why we offer our clients employee monitoring systems, allowing them to assess performance better. Through automated consoles, companies can now quickly monitor workers – following them from checkpoint to checkpoint to ensure task completion. All data is offered in real-time, and the central storage database promotes easy access.

Through this, employee monitoring software ensures accountability. The responsibility of every individual is clearly outlined – as is any failure to embrace those responsibilities. Our clients can now identify worker-related problems as soon as they begin, rather than slogging through weeks of paperwork to discover a trend. To learn more contact us today.

Choosing Employee Monitoring Software: Online Report Scheduling

With every day comes a trail of paperwork. Our employee monitoring system simplifies this paperwork, enabling users to track their workers more efficiently throughout every hour. It eliminates the need for manual report generation, instead providing automated ease.

When using employee monitoring software, companies can quickly create:

  • Checkpoint Arrival Reports.
  • Checkpoint Departure Reports.
  • Work, Health, and Safety Compliance Reports.
  • On-Site Incident Reports.
  • Loop Compliance Reports.
  • Project Completion Reports.

With these custom options – which cater to a variety of fields, including health, security, cleaning, and fleet services – our clients redefine their procedures, promoting quality with every task. Employee monitoring software online enables them to take accurate control.

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The Need for Accountability: Choosing Employee Monitoring Systems

One improper response can trigger countless consequences. Your employees serve as extensions of both your company and of you. Having them perform less than professionally, therefore, creates a poor impression – one that may prove impossible to overcome. Their mistakes become your mistakes.

Seeking accountability is crucial. With employee monitoring software, you can instantly assess each worker’s responses – knowing whether to praise, criticise, or create new sales strategies. You learn strengths and weaknesses alike, and you offer fast responses.

These responses spark reactions from your employees, forcing them to adapt to your new rules. Improvement is continuously achieved.

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