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Cleaning Management Software

Need to know your cleaners have finished their rotations on time to stay compliant?

Save money
Paying too much for insurance, if you can even get it?

Using UniGuard our customers have a:
• 57% reduction in litigation claims
• 55% lower than average industry claim
• 60% lower public liability premiums
• 4 times growth in profit

Use the approved UniGuard system to save your business
UniGuardX time and rotation report
Fix future problems, today.

• Analyse data for better performance.
• Rotation reports show when targets are not met.

UniGuardX saves you money and time by making your business more efficient and effective.

Becoming an industry leader is easy when you can steer your business in the right direction
UniGuard Task Dispatch Web & Mobile
Rotation management plus,
with UniGuardX forms.

• Simplify business processes
• Customise to existing workflows
• Organise your workforce
• Capture photos and signatures
• Task checklists, audits and incidents
• No more excuses for not reporting

Get more value from your cleaning rotation management app
UniGuardX app and 4G Real-Time Recorder
Get access to a better, more flexible system, designed to work the way you need. Choose between:

• Customisable apps
• Industry built recorders
• Or both

Only UniGuardX offers a choice that suits your business
UniGuard Live SOS Alarm
Stay informed with online alert pop-ups and text messages.

• Task completions
• Attendance alerts
• Geofence activities
• Incident reports
• Man-down alarms

UniGuardX helps you stay informed at all times
UniGuardX pdf reports
Build a bigger, better business

Digital paperwork makes the collection, storage, retrieval, and reporting of information simple.

Better client communication and better outcomes with automatic scheduled client reports.

By using UniGuardX you get contracts and keep them
UniGuard Real-Time live GPS tracking dashboard
Do you need to ...

• Protection from false liability claims
• Legally valid work records
• Definitive proof of service
• Contracted rotation compliance
• Better resource allocation
• Cleaning smartphone apps

UniGuardX provides all of this, find out how
Grow your business today

Find out more about UniGuardX

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