UniGuard for Cleaning

Manage and analyse your cleaners performance with
comprehensive rotation analytics and reporting


Are your cleaners meeting your requirements?

Ensure all staff on the floor are meeting your requirements and visiting the correct locations within the desired timeframes.

Still feeling the pain from your last slip and fall?

UniGuard can help reduce your public liability costs by providing solid and comprehensive analytics with a proven record when defending claims.

Live maps with real-time updates and interactions

A visual representation into your cleaners movements out on the floor with interactive maps showing checkpoints locations and their interactions.

No more downloading with automatic data uploads!

No more wasting time manually downloading recorders. UniGuard will upload data in real-time so you are never left without the information you need!

All the data you need without the effort!

All the rotation analytics you need can be scheduled to generated automatically and arrive in your inbox ready for review.

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