The smartest way to manage and analyse your
staff attendance and compliance

Staff attendance and compliance management

Manage staff attendance and asset movements around the world and ensure maximum compliance in all the right locations at all times!

Real-time analytics and reporting

Make informed decisions based on up to the minute information to ensure optimum responsiveness, productivity and staff safety.

Automated report scheduling

Take advantage of UniGuard’s powerful data capturing and organisation engines combined with automated task scheduling. From checkpoint, incident, missed visit and even loop and rotation compliance reports, UniGuard can generate and send reports to yourself or your clients regularly and to a set schedule without you lifting a finger.

Real-time GPS tracking

GPS is a vital component to creating a comprehensive tracking system. UniGuard GPS provides a complete overview of your entire cleaning operation as well as comprehensive reporting, alerts, geofencing and more all built right into the live web dashboard. UniGuard offers a range of GPS tracking equipment from car mounted to hand held devices.

Live site maps

Get a visual representation of cleaning activity happening on site with UniGuard’s live site maps. When a cleaner interacts with a checkpoint, a marker placed on the map will activate and change colour depending its status. As time passes, the checkpoint marker changes to visually represent rotation history.

Let clients access their own data

Give your clients access to their own data so they can review and report on important information independently at any time whilst keeping all of your other data safe and confidential. This enables transparency and builds client confidence in your services.

Indestructible attendance verification

Designed specifically for the demands and heavy handling of the security industry, the UniGuard Robust Recorder is perfect for collecting and storing staff attendance information. Machined from stainless steel and protected in durable polyurethane, these devices can withstand unthinkable punishment. From being run over by trucks, submerged in the ocean or dropped off skyscrapers in the city, the UniGuard Robust Recorders will take it all and keep on working to ensure you receive seamless reports from your field operations.

Value Packed

The UniGuard ValuMate recorder is the perfect tool for the requirements of a basic patrol. Machined from lightweight aluminium and designed to be water and shock resistant ensure the ValuMate recorder performs in all conditions. Each ValuMate recorder is guaranteed to last up to 18 months on a single battery charge with an optional 6-year battery available.

Up to the minute information

The UniGuard GPRS platform offers real time updates for every checkpoint scanned allowing you to see events as they happen from your field operations. Using a data SIM, events are instantly transferred from device to secure UniGuard servers ready for collection, organisation and presentation. If an unexpected event where to unfold, such as staff not checking in or a duress incident occurring on site, management will know before it is too late to do anything about it.

Simply wireless

UniGuard has developed advanced technology that allows devices to communicate with each other wirelessly without demanding you, the user, to make arrangements at every checkpoint encounter. Our goal was to craft an intelligent ecosystem that would blend seamlessly into any environment and take the hard out of hardware, allowing you to focus on what is important to you and your staff. The UniGuard GPRS RFID platform works in real time to wirelessly track staff movements and report back to the UniGuard web platform giving you access to checkpoint scans, reports and clock-ins as they happen.

iButton with GPS

The UniGuard G60 is an innovative upgrade to the traditional checkpoint patrol system. Precise checkpoint data is captured from iButton checkpoints and transmitted back to UniGuard servers via 3G GSM/GPRS networks to ensure you are never left waiting for valuable data. The UniGuard G60 also makes use of high accuracy GPS and accelerometer sensors to capture GPS data so you can see exactly where staff have been during the course of their shift by providing up-to-the-minute location information for each staff member on duty. The GPS history allows you to travel back in time to any date and find the location of a specific staff member at any time.

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